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Aug 23, 2008 10:08 PM

Dirt Candy - new veg restaurant in EV

Has anyone heard anything about the new vegetarian restaurant, Dirt Candy, that's supposed to be opening on E 9th? I read that it's chef Amanda Cohen's venture, supposedly of the now-closed Heirloom, which didn't seem to receive all that great of reviews. And I was really hoping something fabulous and affordable was going in there. Anyone know anything?

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  1. Do you know where on East 9th? I'd love to check it out...

    1. Mentioned in the Times preview. Listed as opening later then this month.

      From the Times:
      "A front-runner for the worst name in the world award, this little East Village spot is a rare green opening. Amanda Cohen, the chef and the owner, who worked at Angelica Kitchen and Pure Food and Wine, is devoted to vegetable dishes like carrot dumplings with Parmesan curls, and portobello mousse with truffled pear and fennel compote, and regards them as “candy from the earth,” hence the name of the 18-seat communal-table nook: 430 East Ninth Street. October."

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        Well, I do like the idea of a communal table. Might be nice on a crisp October night.

      2. Chow gave this place a great review, and the menu sounds scrumptious!! However, it doesn't have prices posted...can anyone comment on the prices?? thanks!

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        1. My wife and I will be in NYC this week and dirt Candy is on our list of must-eats!
          We've been waiting for something like this for a while . . .

          1. I was so very disappointed with this place. There was no honor placed upon these veggies, rather, expected bland existences were presented in humble place settings.

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              I was disappointed too. Precious presentations with zero oomph is what my date and I thought. Bland is the right word. But obviously some people don't mind that - the restaurant is full most of the time. Of course.. it IS teeny tiny..