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Aug 23, 2008 09:24 PM

Looking for that murky, brown fish soup Bourdain ate in France

Remember the episode where Anthony Bourdain met his brother in France & ate that fish soup with the garnishes; croutons, aioli, & gruyere cheese? Does anyone make that in Los Angeles? It looked delicious.....

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  1. Look for soupe de poissons on the menu at the usual French's on the menu at Mimosa but I don't think it will ever taste quite like it does in France.

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      Thanks Chowpatty. I'll have to try Mimosa or better yet, plan a trip to France!

    2. try the one at anisette. it's a decent substitute.

      1. I'd go to Cannes or Nice if I were you! It is like Key Lime Pie in the Florida Keys - every restaurant has it but is subtly different everywhere you go. It's a bit much for breakfast, but other than that you can have it as an opener at every meal for a week or so. And it is sublime!

        PS Start with some raw oysters, maybe a Pernod, then with your soup always a glass of Sancerre to accompany!

        1. Had it at La Pinede (The Fin), down on the water at Cap d'Ail between Nice and Monaco. The surroundings definitely helped. I have several recipes for it, but one of them is prefaced by a discussion of how the soup is such a pain to make at home, and the bottled variety so cheap and good, that hardly any French home cook even bothers to try. They do suggest however that one make one's own rouille...

          Guess we need to check out Anisette.

          1. I just had this for lunch a casual little place on abbot kinney in Venice, but south of Venice Boulevard (not where all of the trendy restaurants are). I ate it at the French Market Cafe and it was great. Now openn until 5pm only, but in spring they will be open until ten and have a new license to serve wine and beer.