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Aug 23, 2008 07:55 PM

Hawaiian Sea Salt

Any one have any ideas where to buy Hawaiian Red Sea Salt in the Chicago area?

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  1. I remember seeing it at Trader Joes about a year ago. I would check with them directly though as they discontinue products at times.

    What do you use red sea salt on or for? Does it have a different taste than regular (white) sea salt?

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      Well I'm not sure since I've never tried it! I have a recipe for Kalua Pork that sounds interesting and that's what it calls for.

    2. Whole Foods. It's a waste of money though. There's little to no discernible taste difference.

      1. The Spice House, and probably Penzey's. And ferret is right.. it's just coarse salt with red clay mixed in. Gives it a little bit of earthiness, but it'll probably be completely masked by the other flavors in the pork.