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Aug 23, 2008 06:30 PM

Margaux: A Bistro Populaire : A Gourmet Scam

I’ve gone to Margaux: A Bistro Populaire (in South Berwick, Maine) a number of times with mixed results. At least two times I have been overcharged in the bill, and the food seems pre-processed or (not made on premises). I was served a duck pâté that was ice cold (in ice-cube-like- chunks), like it came out of the freezer. The crab cakes were frozen. The entrées are a rip-off in price, honestly, I’m not quite sure how they stay in business. It’s sad to see how they take advantage of people who know no better, who have $$ to spend but know absolutely nothing about food. It’s basically all local hype and no substance. The service in the front of the house seems always harried and borders on the pretentious. For the most part I would say his place is VERY low on quality and VERY high on prices an SHOULD be avoided. And if you ever do go, I advise you to re-check your bill, because I honestly think they attempt to overcharge (scam). Any thoughts would be appreciated. If anyone takes the time to check any of my prior posts, you will understand I do not post this lightly.

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