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Aug 23, 2008 03:24 PM

timmy o's - soft serve at 104 st. and corona ave.

Newish store. They make chocolate and vanilla daily plus one special flavor. The owner said he uses Madagascar vanilla and it tastes great. The root beer float is $2.50.

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  1. Had small vanilla caramel sundae. It was excellent, the pure flavor of the custard contrasted well with the touch saltier, sweeter syrup. Up the street from Leo'sMama's.

    1. I stopped by today and had a vanilla cone. It's frozen custard and delicious. The owner was very nice. Definitely worth the trip. It's down Corona Avenue from the Lemon Ice King, on 104th St.

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        1. More on this place from Serious Eats ...

          This Timmy O'Leary fellow sounds like my kind of guy.

          Timmy O's
          49-07 104th St, Queens, NY 11368

        2. What do I know about frozen custard, but I sure did like the concrete I had. Madagascar vanilla with mexican peanuts and chocolate sauce. It was more dense, less airy than soft-serve ice cream, and felt like a meal in and of itself. We hit this place last week, on a chilly and dark Thursday evening. It wasn't hard to find the place; the bright lights and yellow interior lit up 104th like something out of an Edward Hopper painting. It was close to closing when we walked in, the place was empty, yet there was Timmy's wife, at the ready with a mini-history of frozen custard and the store itself. Turns out this place is housed in the same location as an ancient candy store, which I even entered once or twice. They did such a good job of refurbishing the place that I didn't even recognize it, but they kept the wonderful corrugated ceiling. Some of you have already read or heard the story: Timothy O' Leary, a frozen custard fanatic, was laid off by Chase bank, and decided - what the hey - to follow his dream and open up a shop. His wife informed us that they clean out the machine daily, and use the same egg mixture as Shake Shack. Timmy is a big fan of the frozen custard midwestern meccas, Kopps (sp?) and Ted Drewes in St. Louis, and patterns his product after the masters. I'm delighted that they decided to open up in Corona, which is about a ten minute drive from me. Score one for Queens, and yet another great NY story of passion and determination.

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            Finally made it there this afternoon on Mother's Day. We tried the new house flavor strawberry cheesecake, and had vanilla and chocolate frozen custards, with sprinkles and syrup (for the mini chowhound)--it was so light and fresh tasting, my kid gobbled it up, and so did we.

            Prices are excellent, (way cheaper and Better quality than shake shack), and it's a cute little spot. Super Nice and Friendly owner. If you haven't been, please go, and support this place. This owner really cares about his product, and taking a chance on the good old fashioned American Dream. A rarity these days. And you can taste that authenticity in the custard!

            Wouldn't it be great if he could replace the awful Uncle Louie G's on Austin Street in Forest Hills? Rents gotta come down there, because Austin Street is turning into a Ghost town. We would use a Timmy O's there!

          2. I was dismayed to see the phrase "soft serve" bandied about here (although I'm sure my fellow Chowhounds meant no harm....)

            This is FROZEN CUSTARD, and it is the real deal. Dense, creamy, with real vanilla flavor. My only regret is that it is near the Lemon Ice King of Corona, and I may have to pick one or the other on each visit. (Naw... I'll just have to hit BOTH of them!)

            Prices are fair and the product is first rate -- if you are a frozen custard fan, then run, do not walk, and check these folks out.