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Aug 23, 2008 02:19 PM

catering from cafe barada, sultan's kitchen, la la rokh, or helmund?

I have two events at home that I looking for catering advice on:

1. Dinner at home 10 people - take-out or catering. Its going to be passed appetizers, entrees, desserts.

2. 25 at home for appetizers/ finger food.

Considering the following places: Cafe Barada, Sultan's Kitchen, La La Rokh, Helmund.

We are ok with either casual or fancy dishes/presentation. Maybe fancier for dinner, more casual for finger food... The thing I am looking for is reliable high quality of food.

Any opinions? I have only eaten at helmund which I like (but I am not sure how well it will travel).

La La Rokh is the most expensive is it also the best for catering dinner in your opinion?

Open to other suggestions (in this vein) as well.... also any suggestions for things to order or knock out desserts from elsewhere that would go with this food are most welcome.


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  1. la la rokh definitely has the more refined, and delicious, food. Personally i'd use them for both.Likely that their catering menu has more h.d. dishes than their restnt. menu does.

    1. Not an expert in this style of cusine (just a fan), so this is just my personal take. Familiar with Sultan's, Lala Rokh and Helmund, and all are very good in their own ways. In terms of value and sheer creativity, I'd have to give it to Ozcan Ozan of Sultan's. Very warm and engaging guy, talented (and eccentric ;-) chef, been around Boston forever, and exttemely accommodating when it comes to events. Highly recommend stopping by his place on State Street for a late lunch - he's pretty much always there, and (as a fellow foodie) is very happy to discuss his food and your requirements.

      1. Thanks for the suggestions! We are going to go with sit down dinner from La La Rokh and party food from Cafe Barada. Location and cost played into our final decision. We haven't had the event yet but the menus look good.

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          lala rokh does a killer eggplant dish w/ minted yoghurt. and a lovely lemony creme brulee. hope you get those! do tell us how things go!

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            Belated reply: in case anyone crusing the board is considering similar options.

            We got take out dinner at home for 10 people from La La Rokh (a couple extra people stopped by and there was more than enough). The people who worked there helped us come up with a diverse menu (we wanted to try it all) and it all was great.

            We ordered:

            4 portions Kashk-e bademjan
            4 portions Borani-e esfanaj
            5 portions Fasle Salad
            1 portion Torshi
            2 portions Rivas
            3 portions Ghormeh Sabzi
            2 portions Fesenjan
            2 portions Morgh
            3 portions Adass
            2 portions Abghusht

            There was one dish (duck is that possible? I am sorry I don't remember which is which) that looked totally unappealing and didn't get eaten (although it tasted fine).

            We got a little lost in email shuffle dealing with them ahead of time- but the day of everything went smoothly and they couldn't have been nicer.

            We got take out for a large party (70 people) hot food from Cafe Barada. They were extremely nice and professional. Helped put together an order that was very reasonably priced and included everything we wanted.

            Our order was 1 tray of each of the following:

            Pumpkin Kibby
            Spinach Pie
            Chicken Shish Kebab/ Lamb Shish Kebab

            It was all very good. My only complaint (and this is largely my own fault) is that we totally over estimated the amount we needed. I went into the whole thing blind (never having thrown a party like this). We had cold food hummus, baba, lebneh, pita from elsewhere and asked Cafe Barada for a suggestion for amount of food to serve 70 people finger food with this in mind. There were plenty of big eaters at the party and there was NO WAY we could have gotten close to eating it all. I gave away a ton (until I literally ran out of containers) and then threw out a lot. It felt bad wasting good food and money. I would still highly recommend Cafe Barada I would just suggest you do your homework about how much people eat and/ or give them an under estimate on how many people you are expecting. They were already reasonably priced but this would make them an even better deal.

            Good food all around!

            Thanks for everyone's suggestions!