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Aug 23, 2008 02:03 PM

LES with a vegetarian friend? (for tonight)

Going to the Sunshine theater tonight on E Houston with a vegetarian friend (I respect the vegges, but ugh, dining out with them can be a challenge). Can anyone do me a favor and recommend some places that are (a) within 10 min walk of the theater, (b) veg-friendly (doesn't have to be a huge selection, just a few things she can eat), (c) moderate price range (i.e., entrees $20 or under), and (d) where we won't have to wait a ridiculously long time for a table at 9pm on a saturday? I know, it's a looooong wish list, so any suggestions that fit the bill are much appreciated.

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  1. You probably already found a spot, but I would have recommended Kate's, Tien Garden, Teany, Madras, Atlas, Stanton Social, Counter, Essex, Caravan of Dreams, Paladar, etc.

    Where did you guys end up?

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      Thanks for the recs...those are good ones, and I had forgotten about Paladar (one of my favorites in the area from a while ago). To my surprise, my friend suggested a french place (she had a craving for some veg cous-cous dish they make) on Rivington whose name escapes me now; food was nothing spectacular but I had a decent nicoise salad and we got a lovely outdoor table on a nice night which made it worthwhile.

    2. Pukk!
      So yummy and cheap.