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Aug 23, 2008 01:51 PM

Restaurant Week Old Warsaw Style

Like many of you, I'm enjoying Restaurant Week. I was curious about The Old Warsaw's full page ad in Friday's paper which states that their four course meal for Restaurant Weeks (the "s" is in their add, only) benefits Dot. When I called the restaurant and asked what Dot was, I was told that it's an organization in Dallas that "helps old people." I Googled Dot in Dallas and could find nothing related. Unlike the other establishments participating in Restaurant Week, The Old Warsaw does not donate $7 from the cost of each dinner to the Lena Pope Home and the North Texas Food Bank. Are they being intensionally misleading? What's going on here?

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    1. I think it's tacky for Old Warsaw to have their own "promotion". The whole idea of "Restaurant week" is to support the North Texas food bank. Old Warsaw is just trying to cash in on the publicity.

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        While I agree that they should probably be careful about using the term "Restaurant Week", DOT, or Disciples of Trinity is an incredibly worthwhile organization that helps the terminally ill. It's not just the elderly. They assist people with AIDS, cancer, etc. Their help does things such as provide assistance so families can make rent, so dying mothers can give Christmas gifts to their children, etc. It's really heartbreaking to hear some of the stories.

        It's a shame they are using the term Restaurant Week and don't provide their staff with more complete information about the charity because it really is a great service that is being provided.

      2. I have wanted to go to Old Warsaw for more than 30 years but I wonder why a restaurant with such a reputation needs to have regular full page color newspaper ads and billboard ads.

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          Thanks for clarifying what DOT does. 'Definitely sounds worth while. Nonetheless, I have to wonder what's going on. It seems exploitative at least.

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            If you have wanted to go for 30 years, but haven't (am I understanding your post correctly?), I'd say that's exactly why they've got those ads.