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Aug 23, 2008 12:11 PM

Near Skytrain Howard Beach or Jamaica stops?

I fly into JFK at 5:30 and out again at 8 this Mon. Do you think I could take the Skytrain to Howard Beach or Jamaica to meet my son (who lives in Brooklyn) for dinner, and if so where would be a good place to eat?

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  1. You could go to Ghoroa on around 169th and Hillside Avenue (not the fastest trip from the Skytrain, but I've done it plenty of times. It's like 10-15 minutes walk at a brisk pace.) I'd recommend the shutki, most fish dishes, the kerala with potatoes, the chicken pulao if they have it that day, and pretty much anything else that looks good. The prices are stupidly low (dinner for 2 with a drink was $4.50 the other night.) Keep in mind this is more of a Bangladeshi cantene then a let's go out and have a nice sit down dinner place, but it's pretty much the best home style Bangladeshi food in NYC right now (outside of houses of course.)

    Also, you could always take the A train instead and use it to get to Annie's Roti Shop which is an amazing Trini place in Ozone Park. Their duck and chicken curries (in roti or separate the way Guyanese eat it) are both incredibly good and their peppa is better than Rockaway Roti down the block. It's on Rockaway Blvd and requires a short walk from the A train's last stop on that portion of the line. The area also has loads of other Guyanese, Trini, and Bangladeshi (mostly Sylheti) stuff.

    I like these options if I fly into JFK (and I usually go to one or the other.) I live in London now so when I fly home it's a great change to actually have cheap casual food (which can be hard to find in London which IMO is HORRIBLE for anything a NYer would consider cheap eats. Even my favorite place there (a restaurant I would LOVE to have in NY and which is very casual and amazing) is like 4-5 times the price of Ghoroa if I'm paying Ghoroa's not adjusted to me prices.)