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Aug 23, 2008 12:05 PM

Other-than-Asian food in Flushing?

We're moving near Main St./Flushing stop. Obviously Flushing has East Asian food down, which is awesome, but what are some good non-East Asian spots are in within walking distance?

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  1. There's a collection of South Asian kebab shops and so forth if you head towards the Botanical Gardens. The area also has its own Patel Brothers derivative. The population seems to be Indian Punjabi, though the restaurants have an Afghan and Pakistani lean. The area does not have your stereotypical Queens Bangladeshi community (yet. Give it a year and you'll have Ghoroa II and 15 stores selling shutki.)

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      what are you referring to when you say Patel Brothers Derivative
      a particular store (which one and where) or just the bevy of "asian" read paki stores?

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        It's another Patel Brother's. They've been branching out and have stores as far off as Hicksville chasing their countrymen as they go. Also, take note that in the UK, Paki is the equivalent of n----- for South Asians. I don't think anywhere in the US sees it as such, but I've gotten a lot more careful about my usage of it since moving to London (which is so damn hard when I am CONSTANTLY around Bengalis in London and NY who universally refer to Pakistanis as Pakis anyway.)

    2. Check out Sentosa along Prince, and Malaysia Restaurant on 41st (I think) for Malaysian food.

        1. There's a new Italian restaurant called Mangia on Farrington between Northern and 35th. An odd location for it, but we'll see. When I walked by to see the menu in the window, a waiter came out and stated, "the area is very up and coming, very sophisticated." It was hard to hear him over the trucks blazing by on Northern Blvd on their way to the Van Wyck...

          There's a wine/coffee/tea bar on Union called Flower 36. It's an upstairs location with a million fake flowers everywhere. It's usually jumping on Friday/Saturday nights with a young Asian crowd.

          If you're in the mood for greasy spoons, there's Pop's on Kissena (a true greasy hole in the wall) and Kane's on College Point Blvd.

          If you want healthier/vegetarian stunt meat, hearty soups and fruit smoothies, Happy Buddha on 37th Ave does a very good job of all that (including decent $6-$7 daily lunch specials). It's always packed with locals (while Buddha Bodai on Main Street is usually empty - stay away!) and the service is fab.

          If you're willing to schlep a bit into Bayside, I recommend Bonne Saison for French/Thai, Cinco de Mayo for Mexican and Avli for Greek (all located on Bell Blvd). There are other Greek restaurants closer to Flushing (i.e. Mythos, Kati Allo) but Avli is the best in my opinion.

          Welcome to the nabe!

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            Correction - the Italian restaurant mentioned above is called Magna, not Mangia.

          2. Don't forget about Deluge, located inside the Sheraton. Nouveau American with fair prices, and the portions for the main course dishes are HUGE