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Chowing on Clam Chowder

I woke up this morning wanting New England clam chowder, and I want more then just something out of a can. Where can I get destination worthy New England clam chowder to satisfy my hunger?

And while we're on the topic... just out of curiosity...where can I find the best Manhattan Clam Chowder? Rhode Island Clam Chowder? I'd never heard of it before until a quick googling this morning, but apparently it's chowder in a clear broth.


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  1. Manhattan style-Crab Cooker, Newport Beach

    1. The best clam chowder I've tasted in the area was at the 10th Street Cafe (on Wilshire) operated by the Santa Monica Seafood folks. 10th Street Cafe currently is closed as it is being remodeled to house the new seafood retail establishment along with the casual cafe -- due to reopen in the fall. Santa Monica Seafood on Colorado is still open and sells their clam chowder both warm and chilled for later.

      1. The best New England "style" chowder I have tried in SoCal is at the Original Fish Company in Los Alamitos on Los Alamitos Blvd...lots of clams and minimal potatoes! While it may not be "authentic" N.E. chowder...which runs much thinner than you would expect, it is the best you can get here

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          I too think the NE chowder at the Fish Company is by far one of the best but I like their Manhattan even better. The full bodied broth has a nice kick to it and it is loaded with veggies and clams. I am always in a quandary over which to order. Add their chewy sour dough rolls and butter and you have a meal! Of course their menu is pretty extensive from raw bar to grilled and everything in between.

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            I second this rec! Truly delicious...makes me wish I was closer to the restaurant right about now.

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              And I third the recommendation. I also love their key lime pie. Drive all the way from Monterey Park to Fish Company just for the chowder and pie!!!

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            Yup! Its gets the seal of approval by my New Englander SO... Love their sourdough rolls as well... YUM!!


          3. Aaaah, you missed it. They only have it on Fridays. It is the best, creamiest, thick, lots of clams, excellent flavor, totally fattening.
            (maybe call and see if they some some left today???)

            Sabatino's Sausage Company
            251 Shipyard Way, Cabin D
            Newport Beach, CA 92663
            Phone: (949) 723-0621


            1. Providence has a wonderful "chowda" and good versions of the New England style can also be had at Ford's Filling Station, Ocean Avenue Seafood and the Water Grill.

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                Lamill's Yukon Gold Potato / Leak soup, which also has clams, is very much like the clam chowder at Providence - same chef set it up - and is excellent. It's $12 and you can get it anytime. It comes with a very good clam fritter.

                Lamill Coffee
                1636 Silver Lake Boulevard
                Los Angeles, Ca 90026

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                  While I love a classic potato/leek soup, I'm very scared of the effects of a leak soup.

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                    My bad. It had been a long day. Not to worry, the bowl held the soup just fine. Perhaps one of the clams plugged the leak until the level of the soup fell below the hole.

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                  I find the chowda at providence to be lacking in flavor. VERY mild.

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                    I too find the Providence chowder to be too watery.

                3. See my post on topic

                  Also, I lke the chowda at The Bluewater Grill in Redondo. Tell your server to please bring some fresh hot sour dough bread -- OMG, best in L.A.

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                    I second your rec for Bluewater Grill. We stop every week at the Newport Beach location and get their "red" chowder.

                  2. King's Fish House in Calabasas is another good option, depending on where you live. It's a more casual member of the Water Grill/Ocean Ave. Seafood family. Their New England clam chowder is thick with lots of clams and very flavorful.

                    1. My favorite is at Cafe Bixby on Fridays. Not too thick or thin, slightly bacony, so yummy.

                      Cafe Bixby
                      3900 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach, CA 90807

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                        That's interesting -- two blocks up from the Bake 'n Broil, whose soups I generally don't like. Maybe next time I'll go to Cafe Bixby for chowder and then down the street for dessert. Or does the Cafe also have outstanding pie and cake?

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                          Never had dessert there but I highly doubt it's anything special. Their soups are FANTASTIC. Bixby Cafe is an underrated place if you ask me, mainly due to the fact that B&B is so close.

                          Wednesday-Split Pea
                          Thursday-Cream of Mushroom (heaven)
                          Friday-My favorite clam chowder
                          Sunday-Cream of Broccoli

                          I was just there today for a late lunch of monte cristo sandwich and steak fries... perfect ranch for dipping. Evil!

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                            The chowder with a turkey melt.

                      2. I love the New England clam chowder they serve on Fridays at Picnik in Century City. It's not the authentic, thin chowder of a Water Grill, but it is thick and creamy, with a lot of clams. Several of my colleagues at work agree that it is one of the best clam chowders they have ever tried.

                        1. I'm not sure if they're still making it, but I loved the Clear Broth ("Rhode Island Clam Chowder") Clam Chowder at The HUNGRY CAT...I couldn't get enough of it!

                          1. Timmy Nolan's Tavern in Toluca Lake. I grew up in New England and have eaten a lot of chowder. This is as god as ones I've had in New England.

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                              Do you know what days they serve it?

                              1. re: ReelMike84

                                I know they at least have it on Saturday nights. you would have to call to see what other days they have it

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                                Any place that offers a list of 10 Irish whiskeys is worth going to, but I can't find chowder on their menu. Is it a daily special?

                              3. There's something very enjoyable about the extremely buttery New England clam chowder at Neptune's Net up on PCH. Especially in the late afternoon, after a long day at the beach, with a large beer and a platter of fried seafood.

                                1. Philippe's the Original has a great version (on Fridays only). Worth getting in your car for...

                                  Santa Monica Seafood Neptune's Net in Malibu have very good versions as well.

                                  NE Clam Chowder in a Sourdough bowl: Boudin Bakery at South Coast Plaza

                                  1. I'm a longtime chowder lover who lived 4 years in New England and I just had a pretty good version yesterday in San Marino, of all places. I thought it tasted fresh, full of flavor, packed with clams. And lacking any weird ingredients like pimentos (blech!), carrots, or obtrusively large knobs of ham. It had some kind of bite to it, maybe pepper? maybe onions? I don't know, I ate it too fast to really analyze it, but it wasn't anything weird and I thought in general it was very good.
                                    And they have something called spicy California red chowder, but I didn't try it. My coworker seemed to like it. I'm a strictly New England chowda gal.

                                    San Marino Seafood
                                    2150 Huntington Dr, San Marino, CA 91108

                                    1. Harold & Belle's Creole restaurant on Jefferson in LA has really good clam chowder. And great New Orleans-style food, like po'boys & fried seafood. Red beans and rice are delicious too. I think I might need to go there tonight!