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Aug 23, 2008 10:40 AM

Cafe Madrid Chelmsford

Must go there! Absolutely the best authentic Spanish restaurant I have eaten at. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Small place in a strip mall. Exquisitely decorated in Spanish tile with fireplace. Inexpensive gourmet food. Homemade desserts.

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  1. Well, that's quite a rave! What did you eat there that you liked so much? What other Spanish restaurants have you eaten at locally?

    It's really nothing special IMO. Tiny portions of very bland food. I think this previous thread sums it up well.

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    1. re: mjg0725

      I have only eaten there for breakfast and truly was the best breakfast we have found in the entire area, from the crispy bacon and home fries, spicy chorizo, the picodillo, decadent crepes and pancakes. Breakfast for two was well under $20.00.

      1. re: somethin_gd

        That actually does sound good. I'll have to try those crepes sometime. Maybe they execute a better breakfast?

    2. The original comment has been removed