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Aug 23, 2008 10:23 AM

Organic Meats & Butchers in Mississauga?

I'm actually making this request for information on behalf of my mother, who lives in downtown Mississauga.

I've finally convinced her to purchase only organic meats, and she's been able to find organic chicken at Highland Farms.

But, she would like more choice with other organic meats (beef, sausage, pork, etc) and given that I don't live in Mississauga, I don't know where to direct her to shop.

For the Peel region folk on the board, do you have any suggestions?

Many thanks.

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  1. With respect, she should just check the Mississauga YP under "butchers" and call. Does she drive? There are several upscale shops in Port Credit on Lakeshore that might be able to help. Doug Auld in Clarkson has sometimes carried organic meats. I'll check with friends about halal beef and poultry sources--several apparently sell organic meats.

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      In Port Credit there's a grocery called "Planet Organic" with meats, and right beside is a butcher called "Elmwood" (I think), who have organic meat as well.

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        Thanks, that's one I couldn't recall!

    2. This may be late, but I did find a small store on Lakeshore road and Cawthra. It's called BlossomPure. They sell a variety of organic meat and sausages and other cold-cuts that they make from their meat. They don't add any preservatives other than spices, and they don't add any fillers. I got chicken and lamb chops and rib-steak; all organic (and halal.) Their meat is fresher and tastier than other organic stores. I recently realized that I could no longer eat non-organic food, after eating organic--besides the health benefits, you just develop love for the taste. The store owner's name is faheem (not sure about the spelling.) He does gets the meat directly from local Amish and organic farmers. On my second order, I asked if I could have my chicken cut up to pieces. They cut it up and vacuum-packaged for me. I also found that they make delicious summer sausage. The store is very small, but as long as I get my fresh-organic-halal meat with convenience and at a reasonable price, I'm happy. I found about the store from this article: