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Aug 23, 2008 10:13 AM

Foodie Souveniers from Burgundy Region

We'll be staying in Dijon and would love to bring back treats to remind us of our trip.
Would you please help with Favorite finds or shops?

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  1. In Dijon the obvious choice is the Maille mustard boutique. You can get earthenware crocks with 3 different varieties of Mustard only available there (and the shop in Paris). They also have cute decorative ceramics mustard pots of all shapes and sizes. Another specialty of the region, other than wine, is Cassis. Its a sweet liquor made out of currants. Also Marc de Bourgogne. Its like grappa - very strong. Distilled from the must of grapes. There are also numerous specialty cheeses but I try to enjoy as much as I can there and not try to bring it home because you never know if you'll get a sphincter customs agent who will take it away.

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      Hello Brunella,
      We are now in Dijon. We're going to get our shopping out of the way soon. Is there a particular Cassis I should look for? While shopping today there were many.

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        not Brunella, but imho, the best Cassis (and Framboise and Mure) are from Domaine Lucien Jacob. We think theirs are head and shoulders better than any other producer we have tried.

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          During the day we stopped by many wine and spirit shops. We wanted to learn about Cassis and Marc de Bourgogne. Thanks Brunella and Chefjune for the recommendations. These sounded like something we and others would enjoy. We were unable to find one shop that had a sales person that could understand our sad attempt at explaining what we were looking for. Our fault not theirs.
          After I posted last we went for a walk. We came across a wine & spirit shop in Dijon,
          Bacchus. 16 rue Bonnelier. Owner Nicolas Barbier. He said he did not speak much English but he actually did very well. He explained so much to us. We understand that he may have been pushing what he carried but we enjoyed his explanation of both spirits and the time he spent with us. We ended purchasing what he offered. Both from Edmond Briottet products of Dijon. When we return home we'll be able to speak of the quality.

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            That's a lovely shop. Joda. I don't know that producer. But I surely don't know them all!

    2. Throughout Burgundy mustard is the specialty. There is a fabulous mustard museum in Dijon, where they sell gorgeous mustard jars. I collect them, so I like to check those out... In Beaune, Fallot, who makes the best mustard (imho) anywhere, have a tour and great shop. You can shop for mustards in many shops in the region.

      Also, there are shops all over the region selling lovely tableclothes, napkins, placemats and the like. especially with wine motifs. and Tastevins -- the little silver winetasting cups -- are unique to the region.

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        As ChefJune says, aside from actual food items, there are lots of cool kitchen things. I got a nice, semi-funky tea-towel with burgundy wines on it, and some sort of apron (less funky and nice, I suppose, since I never wear it).

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          Thanks for your great ideas.
          Any tips for our stay in Dijon are appreciated. We'll be staying in an apartment so we hope to shop local and do some cooking. Any favorite shops?
          We'll also have a car.