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Aug 23, 2008 10:01 AM

Santa Barbara Seafood

We're renting a house in SB for a week and was looking for the 411 on decent retail/wholesale seafood outlets in the area. Coming from Los Angeles we're pretty spoiled having the very nice, albeit expensive, Santa Monica Seafood.

We're hoping to host a New England style Lobster & Clam boil, and were wondering about decent clams, lobster, etc.

I know there used to be a seafood store some time ago off Milpas (I think) in that light industrial area.

Any thoughts?


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  1. Lazy Acres will fit your bill, the Sat am fishermans market at the harbor would be worth checking out...and there is a permanent fish market at the harbor as well, next to Minnow Cafe.

    Kanoloa has a long list of fish mongers they buy from, it might be worth a call to see what they have currently available, could get you while your here.

    1. If you're up for being market flexible, you might try the SB Farmers Market Saturday morning. I got some incredible local halibut a few weeks ago for $10/lb., and there were oysters and crab that day. I second Kanaloa (industrial area close to Milpas) and Lazy Acres. You might want to call ahead if you're sold on lobster. Gelson's might be another option.

      1. I believe the place off Milpas you are thinking of is Kanaloa - still there. The old Bay Cafe used to have a seafood retail shop, but that is no longer, also in the 'light industrial" (aka the Funk Zone) area.

        I googled "retail fish santa barbara" and got a good list, once you take out the pet food and koi establishments(!):

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          Thanks for the updates and all. I'll do a tip of my glass as I enjoy the fruits of your labor.