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Aug 23, 2008 09:30 AM

Anniversary Dinner near Coney Island/Brighton Beach

The bf and I are celebrating our 8th anniversary next weekend and are looking for an interesting, delicious and romantic place to have dinner. As per tradition, we will be spending the day at Coney Island/Brighton Beach. In the past we have made reservations at various fine dining spots in Manhattan, and those have been great food-wise, but sometimes going to fancy places in the city feels a little stuffy after spending the day eating Nathan's hot dogs and riding the Cyclone. Of course, since it is a very special occasion, we don't want to go just anywhere...

If anyone has a great Brooklyn spot to recommend, we'd love to hear about it. Even better if its near Coney Island or on a connecting subway line. We can drive if we have to, but would rather not, so we can enjoy a nice bottle of wine or champagne with dinner, stress-free.

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  1. If Park Slope isn't too far there are several worthy candidates close to the F line.

    1. sweetpickles,
      Although I wouldn't classify it as a 'great' restaurant, Garguilio's is right there and sometimes, trading great for good+convenience is worth not having to deal with stress. I attended an event there a couple of weeks ago and the food and service were both fine and the overblown decor is fun in a 70's Godfather-ish sort of way. Every time I've been there I kept expecting to see Paulie Walnuts walk in , Lol! The best thing is, you don't have to drive, as the train is right there, and you can drink as much as you can handle. I'm not sure about any sort of dress code, EG: I've never seen anyone wear shorts/tees, so you'd have to check on that.
      Wherever you end up, please let us know how you fared.

      I hope you have a great celebration! :-}