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Aug 23, 2008 08:49 AM

Houston oysters happy hour ?

Where would you go in Houston for good cheap oysters on the half shell? Thanks.

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  1. ragin cajun has 25 cent gulf oysters during HH. this was taken directly from their website:

    "Don't Miss our Happy Hour ...3PM - 7PM Monday thru Friday.... $2 domestic or $2.50 import bottled beer PLUS $3.50 Ritas or famous Hurricanes.... $3 Wells and .25ยข oysters on the half shell!"

    here's a link to the website:

    also i read a yelp review that said oceanaire has an oyster happy hour w/ half off oysters. even at half off the oysters will be about a dollar a piece, but you'll find much better quality oysters from the east and west coasts here like malpeques, wellfleets, and kumamotos. call to confirm HH prices and times since my info is just hearsay and please post that info here.

    Ragin Cajun
    4302 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77027

    Oceanaire Seafood Room
    5061 Westheimer Rd Suite 8050, Houston, TX 77056

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      For those that are still looking for great oysters, we do offer at least 8 different varieties of east coast oysters daily. We just rolled our new bar menu out a couple of weeks ago and we have a daily oyster that is $1.50 each.

    2. Tony Mandolas used to and might still have a really good oyster happy hour? The oysters were(its tough to say now aftar all the storms becuase who knows what happened to what reefs) far superior to Ragin Cajun but R C is still a good place for oysters.
      Willie g's used to have really good quality oysters. Pretty much the only thing I would order there.
      What's the "boat" place on south main? Those are good.

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        Captain Benny's. There are several around town. I went to the one on 290 a couple of weeks ago and they were excellent , 5.99 or 6.99, can't remember, but they were salty Galveston Bay oysters.