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Aug 23, 2008 08:45 AM

Tampa Birthday Lunch

Hi Chowhounders!

Been reading your great posts. Looking for a place for the girls to take a friend to lunch this week in Tampa. Looking the in the SoHo / downtown / Hyde Park / Bayshore Blvd. Area. A Non-chain with a little ambiance. Pane Rustica & Mise en Place are fabulous but we want to try something new. Maybe some Tapas?

Would love to try L'Eden in downtown Tampa - it is nice enough inside to take someone there for their birthday?

thank so much!

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  1. I just tried Byblos Cafe last week and it was excellent. It's right in the area you want to go and it fits the bill perfectly regarding non-chain with a little ambiance. I cant wait to go back again!

    1. I agree that Byblos would be great. Other ideas are The Wine Exchange in Hyde Park Village, and Ceviche nearby, which serves tapas but may not be open for lunch. Restaurant BT, also in HP Village, is only open for lunch on, I think, Friday and Saturday, something odd like that, but it's very good, too.

      How about Circles, on Armenia near Swann?

      L'Eden looked nice to me when we stopped by a week or so ago, but the menu seemed limited, or maybe I just wasn't in the mood. I love Spain, which is across the street, but I think for lunch they do a hot buffet--not very festive. For dinner, their tapas are great, and I like the cool vibe.

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        Thank you both FrankC & Miss E for the greats recs!! Byblos, Circles & Restaurant BT & the others all sound great! And I will definitely try Spain for dinner now too!!