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Aug 23, 2008 08:19 AM

Hungarian restaurants in Berlin

Are there any good Hungarian restaurants in Berlin? I go to Berlin about once a month and usually have lunch with a friend. This month we tried the Norwegian restaurant; she doesn't like Asian, which I love. We want to try Hungarian next time.

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  1. Would you mind sharing your experience at the Norwegian place? Was it Munch's Hus?

    I'll try to think of a Hungarian place in the meantime, though I'm not sure there is one....

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      Yes, it was Munch's Hus. I think it's the only Norwegian restaurant in Berlin and maybe in Germany. My friend had a soup with finely cut vegetables, which she said was good, and an appetizer plate with shrimp, lachs and some other things. She was supposed to get a plate with elk meat, but for some reason didn't. I had the appetizer plate with the different cheeses, including Gjetost and Gammelost and 2 others. It was excellent. They also served excellent homemade bread which had lachs in it. I had the Kjottkaker (meatballs) with boiled potatoes. I think these meatballs were made with elk meat. The meat was very dark and had a strong flavor. The gravy also had a strong flavor and was very dark. They were also much too big, as big as Italian meatballs. My mother was Norwegian and we had many Norwegian friends, so I know what really good Kjottkaker are since I grew up eating them, and these were totally different. I didn't like them very much and didn't eat most of them and the gravy ruined the boiled potatoes. For company my mother and our friends made meatballs with a mixture of ground beef, pork and veal in equal proportions. They were about the size of a 2 Euro coin. For everyday for the family my mother just used ground beef and they were a little bigger too. My mother's were excellent, but two of our friends made meatballs good enough to serve to Their Majesties.

      I really enjoyed the cheese plate and would go back for it and to try one of the fish dishes. I would not recommend the meatballs.