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Aug 23, 2008 07:42 AM

Monday lunch suggestion in Coral Gables; must get to airport by 2 pm

We have a 10 am appointment in Coral Gables on Monday, October 20, and then a flight out at 4:15 pm. We will have a rental car to return. We are looking for a good place to have lunch after our appointment; perhaps someplace that opens around 11:30 so we won't be rushed. Prefer not too expensive, but doesn't have to be cheap either. We don't eat beef, but chicken, fish, vegetarian are our favorites. Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. Here's a good if somewhat dated thread on Gables lunch options ->
    Note that Mari-Nali, mentioned in that thread, is now closed. New and notable since that thread was last updated is Por Fin, a Spanish-ish place on Ponce de Leon Blvd. which I enjoy for lunch.
    Most places should be open by 11:30 and should have no trouble getting you out in a reasonable amount of time.

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      Thanks so much for this link. It is just what I needed.

      1. re: LynK

        Great - note that Chispa, also mentioned in that thread, has also closed its Gables location.

    2. Try Catch of the Day on LeJeune just south of airport (b/t Gables and MIA). It looks kind of sketchy (think Old John Silver-type bldg), but seafood is great, and very reasonable.

      1. Check out Xixon

        I just loved this little spanish deli.