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Aug 23, 2008 07:32 AM

Looking for Great Lunch/Brunch in Providence

My parents are going to be passing through Providence, RI on their way back from NY to Boston. They are looking for a delicious spot for lunch or brunch on Sunday. Nothing too fancy or overly expensive. They are just looking for wonderful food.

Any recommendations?

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  1. I did a little research. Unfortunatly Hemenways isn't open on Sundays, because that looked great.

    Olga's Cup and Sauce, Red Stripe and CAV (anyone know the address? It's not on the website) also looked good for lunch or brunch.

    Any other recommendations?

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    1. re: Elyssa

      Hemenway's IS open on Sundays, though they don't do "brunch".

      Nearby on Hope Street, there's "the Rue". I was there last Sunday for brunch, and it was delicious and very filling as usual. Service was attentive and friendly...we got there at 11:30 and left a little past 2:00 - we weren't rushed at all. Brunch for four (including tip) came to $60.

      Well worth it!

      1. re: OOliver

        Is Hemenway's open for lunch? From there website it appeared that they are only open for dinner.

    2. Nick's on Broadway is terrific. Cafe Paragon on Thayer St. has a good Sunday brunch.