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Aug 23, 2008 07:21 AM

New Zion Missionary Baptist Church BBQ

Has anybody eaten at the New Zion Missionary Baptist Church in Huntsville Tx. I hear the BBQ is great. I live in S.A.,TX and thinking about making a day trip was wondering if it worth it.

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  1. My wife and I ate there yesterday. Best barbecue ever! If you're in the area, try it; you'll like it. It's at Montgomery Rd. and HW 75.

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    1. I've eaten there several times. It's a great stop on the highway between Dallas & Houston. I love the food, especially the homemade pies. And the story about how it got its start is heart-warming, with Annie Mae Ward just making barbecue sandwiches for her husband in the front yard while he was painting the church. Be sure to read the newspaper clippings that decorate the walls.

      But check before you go, because the hours are limited. It boasts a lot of nicknames, including "Church of the Holy Smoke," and they say they're not open on Sundays because, "Sundays are for saving souls."

      Here are some reviews and information:

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        Thanks for the info, I'm going to include it on my BBQ tour #2 later this year.

      2. Wow. Talk about bringin up some memories. For 4 years I worked at the liquor store right next to the Church. Spent many a day there enjoying the BBQ and the pit masters used to come in the store to buy soda and water while they were working and you talk about filling the air with the sweet smell of smoke!

        From what I am remember back then, and I am sure things could have changed in the past 10 years, here are my memories to share with you.

        Is it good BBQ ??- pretty good. It may not be City Market in Luling (or whatever your pinnacle BBQ joint is) but it is pretty good BBQ.

        It is a small place and they do have limited hours. The servers were VERY sassy and fun. ( we were once told by one of the old ladies working that she "couldn't afford to feeding you boys all this food" after a group of us sat down for family style on Sat afternoon to get rid of a good hangover. You will be sitting at a table with some strangers all eating together. The history of the place is fantastic. Essentially (from my limited memory) one of the ladies husbands was building the building for the church to have a place for their social activities and she was doing bbq out by the road while the workers were working and people started stopping and wanting to buy some food. So the place you are eating in is actually part of the church (a reason they are not open on Sundays!)

        The most important thing is that you can get everything served All you can eat family style for your group. As a growing college student this was a huge plus.

        It is a great place to stop on the Dallas-Houston roadtrip. Just don't be in a rush and don't mind being crowded.