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Aug 23, 2008 05:56 AM

Le Creuset Soup Pot...

Does anyone have this? What do you use it for? Just soup or is it good for other things? Most of the time I cook for 2 and wonder if this would be useful. I have the buffet pots & use those constantly. Do I need the Soup Pot, too?

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  1. I just use my LC dutch oven to make soup.

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    1. re: MMRuth

      I've looked at them, I sell them, I don' use one, like MM I use my dutch ovens to make soup. Those soup pots seem a tad small to me and kind of useless.

    2. Are you referring there to the 2.75 qt. soup pot, or the 4.25 qt. soup pot? Check the reviews of them on Lots of useful info, and people post what they use them for in their reviews.

      1. if you're referring to the 2 quart pots, they're too small for making soup, but fine for heating up smaller portions, so if you make a large pot, but only need to heat up enough for 2, it could be useful. Also, I use them for keeping stock warm while making risotto.

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          The smaller soup pot is great for sauces, curries, rice, casseroles, small stews, braised veggies, and braises with small cuts of meat. You can even roast a small squab in it, or a 2 lb roast as it has a wider top. Some people say the bottom is too small to sear even a small piece of meat, but meat is flexible and it doesn't matter if it curves up a bit when searing. It's a great little pot.

          1. re: blondelle

            True, but if you have more than a handful of stuff in the bottom of the pot, things begin to pile up so things don't brown as well. The side walls of the pot don't brown the meat nearly as well as the bottom, so while a roast might flex, you don't get nearly as much browning on the parts that extend past the bottom.

            I have a 4.25Q soup pot. It doesn't do anything a dutch oven doesn't do. I really like the soup pot, though, and aside from the small bottom surface area issue it was the pot I used the most for a long time.

            Then I got one of those buffet casseroles which has pretty much replaced the soup pot for most day-to-day applications except for when we need the soup pot's capacity.

            I don't think 2.75Q one is big enough to really be worthwhile. I think the buffet casserole is much more useful.