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Aug 23, 2008 04:49 AM

SAQ store or Depanneur w best beer selection

Is there a location in Montreal (relatively central, but okay as long as I can reach via the Metro) with a greater selection of local QC beer/cider? Not interested in imports. Thanks!

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  1. Le Marché des Saveurs in the south-east corner of the Jean-Talon market carries *only* Quebec products, and has a big selection of local beer, cider, wines, etc. For directions by metro & other info, see the three posts starting here:

    1. The place with the largest selection in town is Délires du Terroir in Plaza St-Hubert. Last time I checked, they claimed to have 182 different Québec beers.

      The best place to sample Québec beers is Vices & Versa on St-Laurent near the gates of Little Italy. They have 29 beers on tap and you can order carousels: a flight of six half-glasses from the beer menu.

      1. There is a great dep on the north side of Laurier, just west of St. Urbain. They have the best beer selection within the Mile End. A lot of interesting local beers.

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          That'd be "the King of Beer", and agreed. I love wandering their beer selection for new treasures! And almost everything's available as individual bottles, so you're not stuck with a six pack of something you might end up hating.

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            Here is the address.

            Super Marché Rahman Inc
            Le Paradis de la Bière
            151 LAURIER O
            (514) 279-2566

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              He also create his own beer under his own brand "Paradisiac".
              My understanding is that these beers are his own recipes, but he has local brewers produce/bottle them. He tends to favour heavier beers (triple fermented, Belgian style), but he also has a "ligher" beer. All can be purchased by the bottle.