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Aug 23, 2008 12:19 AM

Little Sichuan Restaurant, Newark report w/ pics

Little Sichuan Restaurant used to be in Fremont by the 99 Ranch on Fremont Blvd/Paseo Padre Pkwy in North Fremont, now they are here at the old Su Gia Restaurant, on the Left-side of 99 Ranch in Newark. It's a bit further away, but we still like the food so we'll be back.

This place is bigger & nicer. They serve the food on plates, cups, chopsticks instead of the old way of on styrofoam & plastic forks.

We ordered lots since it's not too expensive.

FREE pickled veggies -small plate, just ok.

1. Xingjiang stir fried roasted lamb (w/ cumin powder) $8.50 - lots of small chunks of lamb, bell pepper, onions. I like this spicy dish, nice & tender lamb.

2. hot noodles w/ spicy peanut sauce $5.95 - huge bowl of noodles & some spicy sauce & tiny bits of meat. Pretty good.

3. dry cooked string beans (house special) $6.95 - my favorite string beans, salty & crispy.

4. cold dry thread bean curd $4.95 - just ok. Cold dish w/ thin-cut tofu pieces.

5. spicy shredded potato (house special) $6.95 - just ok, hubby likes it cold but it's served kinda warm. Probably better next day. Huge portion.

6. One bowl of rice $1

It's a Huge menu & only made a dent. Wanted powdery tender spareribs steamed $8.95 - but they didn't have it.

Other tables got cut-up orange slices w/ the bill. So we get the bill without oranges. I then had to ask for my oranges. So annoying, though we did get them. Just ok.

Bill had a 10% discount. That was good, not sure why. They've been at this location for 1 month now waitress told me.

Lots of leftovers for us to eat.

Credit cards taken. Separate bathrooms in the back.

My pics here:

Little Sichuan
35233 Newark Blvd Ste F, Newark, CA 94560

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  1. The best news is that they now take CCs, that was the biggest annoyance at the old "Express" location.

    1. So is this also related to Little Sichuan in San Mateo?

      Little Sichuan
      168 E 4th Ave, San Mateo, CA 94401

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      1. You thought the pao cai was "just OK", has it changed since the move?

        For me, the potatoes are the perfect carbo foil for hot and spicy sauces, e.g., water boiled protein of your choice. I don't seen anything that you ordered that would go with it that way. I've never liked this dish as a leftover -- loses the crisp texture, sweetness and fragrance of the wok, and turns into, well, just a pile of potatoes.

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        1. re: Melanie Wong

          But fried up in the morning it makes great hash browns...

          1. re: Scrapironchef

            Yes, for sure that's the best use of the leftovers if you can't polish 'em off freshly cooked.