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Aug 22, 2008 11:01 PM

What will be "in season" in Oct? (Sea / Pdx)

Rather than ask for restaurant recommendations (for which I can search the board, and I also have some ideas from previous visits) I thought that I'd try a different question, given that the North West is a fertile area for the regional / seasonal approach.

So what is likely to be good in October, any great local specialities that will be starting to appear on menus or any great local ingredients coming into season?. If you like, suggest where I might find excellent examples of these.

As an example, last time I visited Portland, it was earlier in the summertime last year, and hazelnuts were everywhere, and I got to sample huckleberries too.

Thanks, Pete (UK)

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  1. actually the filbert season is in the early fall. but since they store well, they are really an all year deal. as far as what is in season in oct. goes, your looking at things like sweet corn, apples, pumpkins(duh). October is really a sad time here for the food obsessed. It is a time of serious transition from summer to winter. the beginning of oct can be in the mid 80's, but by halloween its almost certain to be upper 50's and raining. lets not talk about this anymore, im getting depressed!:-)

    1. Seasonal Cornucopia (.com) lists A LOT in season for October. Do you want nuts? Fruits? Veggies? Take a look and let us know what you're interested in.

      Many of the great restaurants in Seattle (and I'm sure Portland as well) tailor their menus to be seasonal.

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        To be more precise, the filbert/hazelnuts are harvested late Oct. My grower of choice sometimes has to wait for their processor to be ready, which last year was not until the second week of Nov. So to echo the above, yes, your summer nuts were eight months old. They are everywhere, all the time (not that there's anything wrong with that)! While they do keep well, most of my consumption is confined to late fall-winter.

        Mushrooms, apples, pears, hardy kiwi, cranberry, Asian pears, celery root, sugar snap peas, and shallot come to mind as my faves. Red flame grapes can be found at the farmers' markets.

        All the better places of PDX will offer seasonal things, even Burgerville. So search the board, find places that interest you, and come back to us with questions.