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Aug 22, 2008 10:56 PM

Best Samosa and/or Indian Food in Scarborough? (Samosa King + pics)

Looking to expand my breadth of knowledge when it comes to samosas and all things tasty related to Indian food.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I headed to Samosa King for the first time last weekend and was quite satisfied with my samplings there. The staff were friendly, courteous and kind. The customer behind me was kind enough to give me a short lesson on the offerings typical at Indian bakeries and sweet shops. The employee behind the counter prepared a ‘sample bag’ for me as well – with 3 items (the names of which have escaped me – please see the attached photos and help me put a name to the food item) for $1. I was very impressed with the service there and would return on that fact alone. The samosas themselves were just “okay” for me, as I have had fantastic ones that were homemade by a number of friends of mine, and at restaurants in Boston and London.

Samosa King Sampler:

People on this board have mentioned that their wrapper had changed. As I have only tried them now, I cannot attest to the fact that they have gotten significantly worse. But at 5 for $1, one can hardly find the heart to complain. You can see the quality of the wrapper in the photos before you head over to buy them for yourselves. See if they are to your liking.


I am, however, still on the prowl for the best samosa in the Scarborough area. Does anyone have any recommendations? I’ll even open that up to best Indian food in the Scarborough area if anyone has any tips. Please give me recs for cheap, mid-priced and high-end (if those exist in this neighbourhood).

Other offerings:
Other offerings 2:
Other offerings 3:
Recommended Dessert by fellow customer:
Desserts 2:
Desserts 3:
Desserts 4:


Cheers and Happy Eating!

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  1. Made a trip out today... I picked up 15 samosas, some of those little fried donuts with chilies and cumin, and curry rolls. Great stuff! The samosas were a little small for my liking and not quite enough filling, but they're great finger foods and with 4 samosas for a dollar... well, you can't beat that with a stick. Next time I'm having a little get-together, these will make excellent finger foods. I do have to say that the rolls were far and away my favourite though.

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    1. re: spades

      Was there a special name for the curry rolls? I may just have to try them the next time I head out there. Picked up another 25 today for a little get together. Not much filling, but what can you really ask for for 20 cents a piece?
      Is there somewhere else you prefer to get your samosas and treats in the same neighbourhood? I'm trying to sample the area.

      1. re: BokChoi

        I'm sorry but I don't know what they're called... and if experience is any guide, it may not even help you depending on the origin of the person serving you. India has something like 22 official languages and hundreds of others, so you may stumble upon a Gujarati or a Punjabi bakery whose names will differ greatly from a Tamil or Kannadan place... I think (and I'm probably way off with this), but based on the signage, that Samosa King is south Indian... maybe Tamil. But that's a loose guess at best.

        Sorry, but I'm not sure about other options in the area. Your original post inspired me to make another trip out from my St. Lawrence area neighbouhood to Samosa King as I hadn't been there in a long time :)

        1. re: spades

          Thanks for the information, spades. Wow, my experience in this area has been quite limited, thanks for opening my eyes. I cannot wait to try a variety of different places to gather more knowledge of food from these areas. Glad the post was of some assistance though!

          1. re: BokChoi

            How much do they charge for english people? LOL

            1. re: Fat Swine

              The curry rolls tend to be called "veggie rolls" at Samosa King...I am addicted to them. That is the only item with that name there, so you won't get lost at all. They have great rotis there (they are huge flaky ones) too. As much as people may say that their samosas aren't the best...hello....5 for a $1...if you are having a party they are great on a platter as an appetizer. Unfortunately, they now charge for their sauces, so my suggestion would be to go to one of the indian grocery stores in the same plaza area and pick up your own bottle of coriander/mint chutney from the fridge section. You can also buy tamarind chutney from the same fridge area, but keep in mind they won't taste EXACTLY like the sauces at Samosa King.

              By the way, don't be afraid to ask what something is...most people will certainly help you and my experience has been that people of any culture tend to love to share information with others who want to learn...just my two cents! I HEART SAMOSA KING!

          2. re: spades

            In Sri Lanka and India, they are referred to as "chinese rolls" , here they're just called rolls. Basically its spring roll dough wrapped with either dry mutton curry, or veggie curry, then dipped in egg, breadcrumbed...deep fried.
            It's super spicy and a very popular snack. Mutton Roll, fish roll, veggie roll, etc.

            1. re: Suresh

              Chinese rolls, eh? Quite hilarious. I will have to try them. I think I saw them on the heated counter and it was recommended by the customer behind me. Thanks all.

              YummyYummy - does DEEP have a restaurant location or are they just a frozen foods company? Did they give you any information while at the stall?

      2. I was totally craving samosas all week, especially after seeing this thread. It's been quite some time since I paid a visit to Scarborough to Samosa King. Still my fav place for samosas because I'm economical and you can't beat the value of 5 for $1. Until yesterday by chance I was at the annual street festival at Gerrard India Bazaar. There were a few booths that gave free samples of samosas and Indian desserts.

        Anyway, the samosas were absolutely delicious at this one booth. After lining up a few times for the delicious free samples. I was totally compelled to buy the frozen samosa package of 25 for $5 no tax. I've already shared and eaten all of them because they were so GOOD. There were about 3-4 different types of fillings in each product. The girl told me the most popular was spinach and paneer, but I got the standard potato and peas because it's my fav.

        BTW, another booth was giving Samosa King samples, but were not as good as the ones I paid for. About the same size as the Samosa King, but the frozen products were just a lot tastier when I made them at home. Okay, the company of the frozen samosas from the other booth was named DEEP.

        So if anyone knows a good Indian supermarket that sells this product make sure you buy some and tell me where to go. Just delicious and mouthwatering!!! :)

        1. I know this isn't Scarborough, but I just noticed a "new" place in Thorncliffe (actually in the plaza where Bamiyan kebab house is) called Samosas and Sweets...anyone tired it?

          1. I too ventured out to try Samosa King. They were hot and fresh, a bit spicey, but personally, I didn't llike the wrapper. I think every place must make them different. I've had samosas from Chauhan's lunch buffet and they were more like a pastry. The Host's were again different, kind of greasy, difficult to explain. Samosa King's reminded me of a crispy wonton wrapper. Great price, but I prefer a different type of wrapper. I'll be interested to read some other reviews. Again, great pictures. I too, spent some time looking at all the displays!

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            1. re: red dragon

              I agree - very much like deep fried wonton wrappers. I've had better elsewhere...just not at that price! Looking to see what else is within a reasonable distance so that I can get my hunger-pangs satiated.

              1. re: BokChoi

                Drove by yesterday and noticed right next to them is Embassy Restaurant. Did you notice as well? Wondering if this is an Indian restaurant next to the take-out?

                1. re: red dragon

                  I'm pretty sure that the full name of Samosa King is Embassy Samosa King. It's all the same place.

            2. Samosa King is good, but it's not as good as the best samosa heaven in Scarborough!

              Please allow me to introduce you to:

              Mistaan Sweets.

              They carry THE. BEST. samosas you will ever have. Of course, if you like small, flaky samosas then Samosa King is the best for that. Mistaan carries the large, stuffed kind, with an amazing tamarind sauce that you have to ask for - they don't include it. The service is kind of stuffy over there too - 'cause they know they can be. The samosas are that good. Their sweets are yummy too.

              Give it a try and get back to me. They're at
              460 McNicoll Avenue, Toronto (Vic Park and McNicoll)

              -Foodhogger (man, i have to get back there and review this's on my list!!!)

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              1. re: tp24

                Hi tp24,
                It wasn't samosas I was looking for - I had posted my review of Samosa King's samosa's above. I was asking Bokchoi if she knew about the restaurant right next to Samosa King, called Embassy.

                However, thank you for the suggestion of Mistaan Sweets. It's not that far from me! Hmmm, stuffy service huh? That's a turnoff for me, but I will certainly give them a try!

                1. re: red dragon

                  Hmm...never tried you'll have to let us know! :)

                  Definitely give Mistaan a try and get back to me ;)

                  1. re: red dragon

                    Duh, Samosa King and Embassy Restaurant are one and the same!!! I'm looking at the flyer/take-out menu right now. LOL

                    1. re: YummyYummy

                      Duh??? I guess I'm not in a humorous mood today.

                      Yes, I thought they were one and the same. My question to "Bokchoi" was if she/he had been there while stopping by for samosas.

                      1. re: red dragon

                        Hey red_dragon. Did not try the neighbouring restaurant. Just the samosas and some of the other goodies from the photos (the grab bag the server provided to me for $1). I haven't heard any good reviews about the restaurant itself - just their samosas. So I just stuck to their specialties. If anyone has been there, do let me know if it was good.

                    1. re: Suresh

                      Thanks tp24 and Suresh for the tip on Mistaan. There's another sweets and samosa place in a mall at the corner of Middlefield and Steeles (same mall as T&T) - has anyone been there? The name escapes me as of this moment. Looks kind of high-end. TIA.

                      1. re: BokChoi

                        I was just there at lunch time and thought I saw it at a glance. Name fails me as well?

                        1. re: red dragon

                          Shirin Mahal?

                          It's mediocre for samosas. The Laddus, the gulabs, burfis are good.
                          So are the spicy cashews,

                          1. re: Suresh

                            That's it. Thanks Suresh - I am not familiar with the desserts that you mentioned - do I just ask for them by name to try them out?

                            1. re: BokChoi

                              Hi Bokchoi, was just about to post the name for you! We went back again last night (got vietnamese sandwiches, which were not good) so I popped in to have a look. The samosas looked large for 60 cents, but we didn't get any as it looked like they might have been sitting for quite some time. Thankfully, Suresh says they're not all that great. Also, the cakes looked high end as you said. They do sell individual slices though.

                              1. re: red dragon

                                Thanks red_dragon. Much appreciated. I took photos of the sandwich place, but I have never tried them yet. Price seemed good (<$2), but the processed meats, well, I was never a fan. Sorry to hear you did not enjoy them. Did you try any cakes? I will start another post on Vietnamese sandwiches in the area - maybe you can post your thoughts there about this one.

                                1. re: BokChoi

                                  I've bought from Nguyen Huong several times since they opened. I musn't have had one for awhile, because last night the bread was soft and chewy (and not from the filling), not crunchy; posted about it in your new post.

                                  I didn't try any of the cakes unfortunately. I dragged hubby over for a quick look because I told him "Bokchoi" was asking about the place, so we must have a look They looked similar to the Chinese cakes (light and airy, moussey type).

                                  1. re: red dragon

                                    You are too funny, red_dragon. Thanks for checking for me though. Much appreciated. I always see the sandwiches, but I never try them - I worry about $1.50 sandwich meats, and due to the recent recalls, I am not anymore inclined now to try them!

                                    1. re: BokChoi

                                      Yes, you're absolutlely right, forgot all about that. I don't eat deli meats that often in general, too much salt and nitrites. BTW, I only get the white colored looking meat and nothing else. The girl always gives me a "look" when I request my custom made sandwich: easy on the butter, no pate, just a few slices of the white meat (vietnamese sausage), lots of veggie and coriander, easy on the sauce. Hubby always elbows me, "why are you telling her less meat? You're paying for it."

                                      1. re: red dragon

                                        You should always get what you want - you are the paying customer. And if you prefer less meat, then so be it! Many of my dining companions also make similar comments, so it happens to us all. They always have your best intentions in mind though.

                                        I try to avoid processed meats in general, but I would like to try a good version of this meal as I have heard such good things.

                                        1. re: BokChoi

                                          I think you'll be ok with the Vietnamese deli meats, it's made from different ingredients (of what I don't want to know). Then again, I'm not an expert ... hope this recall is resolved soon.

                                          I have bought the vietnamese sausage (which comes tightly wrapped in a banana leaf) separately before and made my own version at home with whole wheat crusty panini bread, home made pickled carrots/turnip and butter/mayo and coriander.

                                          Edited to add: Geesh, I'm so sorry BokChoi, what am I thinking? Your post is about samosas. I got so off topic that I'm surprised my replies have not been moved?

                                          I must be hungry, must find food ... come back again, refreshed and alert ....

                                          1. re: red dragon

                                            So in your opinion, is it a good food item, or just for its price?

                                            1. re: BokChoi

                                              I think most vietnamese sandwiches fall in that price range, with it being even cheaper in downtown or midtown chinatown. The place looks relatively clean and not that far from where I live/work, and I haven't found anything else (yet). The bread was a turnoff for me (may have to try again, just to be sure it wasn't that one time). I don't know about the dessert soups. The items are not that expensive so I think it deserves another go.

                                              I'd have to honestly say I've had better, but I'm sorry I don't know the name of the places downtown (as my mother in law) brings it back up for us.

                                              1. re: red dragon

                                                Hi red_dragon,

                                                I always see the ones on Spadina in Chinatown as well, but I have just never had the stomach room to try one (always passing by on the way to or from another meal). I just meant is the sandwich a good food item as food goes, or just because it is super cheap (I find I like things like a cheap peameal bacon special on a bun at St Lawrence from Carousel because they're just so good no matter the cost - within reason of course, versus the fact that I like Samosa King's samosas just because they are so cheap) Does that make sense?

                              2. re: BokChoi

                                I hope this breaks it down..

                                There are an assortment of spicy peanut/cashew concoctions. This is usually an indian version of "trail mix", except spicier and less variety of nuts and seeds. They're sold by weight, i suggest you ask for a sample to get an idea of what it tastes like.

                                The rectangular and square slices that come i an assortment of colours are called Barfi or Burfi.
                                Basically it is a semi hard sweet that is made from sugar, condensed milk and flour.
                                These come in a variety of colours and shapes due to flavourings (pisachio, mango, coffee, etc etc etc)

                                Gulab jamun - deep fried doughy balls that are then soaked in a variety of sugar waters (rose water, cardamom, etc). They are brown, and can be eaten warm or cold..i suggest you try either form.

                                Rasmalai - white paneer (cheese) balls that are soaked in a sweet syrup.

                                1. re: Suresh

                                  Ah, much appreciative of the explanation for each of the dessert items. In your opinion, where is the best place in the Samosa King area that I should try this first? I want to make sure I have a good first impression. I have had Gulab jamun before, but the version I had tasted a lot like soggy Timbits - are they supposed to taste that way if done correctly? They were at a buffet, so I doubt they were the best representation of what they could be.


                      2. re: tp24

                        Hi tp24, I finally made it to Mistaan!!!

                        I got lost (didn't write down the address you gave me) and ended up driving all along McNicoll from Vic Park to Warden! I thought it would be seen from the road and for some reason thought it was around the Princess banquet hall area. Gave up, pulled over and whipped out my phone book (yes, I carry one in my car). Was told it was west of McNicoll, not east. So, 20 minutes later, I found it!

                        I asked for 2 samosas (didn't see them on the menu) and got 3 for $1. The older man was exactly as you said (very stuffy and quite miserable), but I knew to expect that from you review. The samosas were luke warm and imo, quite greasy. I ate them in the car and the brown bag was speckled with oil. I forgot to ask for the tamarind sauce!! I also picked up a take-out menu, but can't find it now? I think I must have left it in the store. I have to say, they're one of the better tasting samosas I've tried, even lukewarm! They were large, full of filling and mildly spiced, which is perfect for me. Their wrapper is not the thin like Samosa King's but much thicker. Thank you for the recommendation.

                        Carrying on, it's 1pm and I decided to drive over to Babu (bad mistake). Parking lot was a zoo and the line up was out the door. I managed to wiggle in between everyone for a look. It was hard to figure out what everything was. I did ask a girl if that was butter chicken staring me in the face but she said it was chili chicken (looked very spicey).

                        I headed to the cash stand and decided to try their samosas. Also picked up some patties (fish and veggie). Does anyone know if mutton is just another name for lamb in Indian restaurants? I did read that Babu is not Indian, but I've heard the term mutton used quite often.

                        I didn't like Babu's samosa's. Seemed like plain mashed potatoes to me. The fish patty wasn't to my liking, but the veggie patty was nice and hot. I'll have to come back with my Indian co-worker to get an idea of what everything is. It was too busy to ask any of the staff. I did notice that quite of the foods looked very, very oily.

                        Got home and think I either ate too many samosas or the last ones didn't fare very well with me.

                        Will definitely return to Mistaan's for their samosas and possibly some take-out.

                        1. re: red dragon

                          Babu's samosas have been strangely hit or miss lately. I guess they must have a variety of different people who make them. The samosa itself is way less potatoey than Samosa King's. Personally, I like their samosas more than Samosa King's, but I'm still looking. Although I'm much more interested in meat samosas.

                          By the way, Babu is Sri Lankan, not Indian. Their food does not (and should not) taste exactly like Indian.

                          The place is always busy too. I find it's a combination of taste and price, although with the taste, you'll either like it or you won't (it's not for everyone, but then again nothing pleases everyone all the time).

                          1. re: kwong

                            Babu is not Sri Lankan, only.
                            It's Indian, Malaysian, Pakistani, Singaporean, Sri Lankan.

                            1. re: Suresh

                              My dad is Malaysian and I don't recognize anything Malaysian there. The rest you could be right about.

                              I'm just saying that the items that are supposedly Indian do not taste like I would expect them to taste. Babu has their own flavors that are different from every Indian place I've been to in the GTA.

                              1. re: kwong

                                You didn't see the part of the Menu where it said "Malaysian"?
                                They offer Migoring noodles 3 ways. Veg, Shrimp & Seafod, Beef.

                                The majority of what Babu offers, is south indian food, maybe that's why you don't recognize the tastes...because the curries are thinner...spicier...This is also reflective in some of the sri lankan dishes.

                                1. re: Suresh

                                  I guess I missed it. I'll look again the next time I'm there. I still feel that the restaurant is basically Sri Lankan with a lot of Indian items and they're just dabbling in other stuff, which doesn't really count.

                                  I mean an Indian restaurant can choose to serve Mi Goreng 3 ways, but I'm still calling it an Indian restaurant.

                                  My point is that if people go there expecting a certain Indian taste, and it doesn't taste that way, don't be surprised or put off by it.

                              2. re: Suresh

                                I did see those dishes on the take-out menu, quite a variety of cultures!

                              3. re: kwong

                                Hi kwong, yes I did mention above about reading that Babu is not Indian. I agree, not everyone's tastes are the same and that's what's so great and respectful about Chowhounders.

                                1. re: kwong

                                  Any other good finds for price and taste combinations that are similar to Babu in the area? I personally found Babu too spicy for my tastes though.

                                  red_dragon, what were your thoughts about the heat level?

                                  1. re: BokChoi

                                    I didn't buy anything other than the samosas and patties, line up was way too long.

                                2. re: red dragon

                                  Mistaan has this dish called Chana samosa. It's a take out container filled with chick pea curry, and two samosas, drizzled with yogurt and coriander. I think its around $3.00. When I worked in this area, I used to have it at least twice a week. Very good. Don't forget to ask for the yogurt, otherwise, I find it's too spicy. Let us know if you like if if you decide to try!

                                  1. re: red dragon

                                    red_dragon! SO glad to hear you tried Mistaan's samosas, aren't they the best? Love I wish I had one now! Sorry, i should have given you better directions!

                                    I'll have to return there myself and review them on my blog.

                                    ~Foodhogger (aka tp24)

                                  2. re: tp24

                                    Thanks for the rec on Mistaan Sweets and Catering. I managed to try it last week, and it was really a great find. The naans were cold by the time we picked them up (we called to place an order to takeout), so they were a bit soggy and chewy, but nicely charred. The lamb rogan josh was really great as well - I liked the lamb's texture (not mushy, but not too tough either. A good balance). The standout was their rasmalai though. I really, really enjoyed their sweetness and the flavour of the paneer. Very excellent. I forgot to pick up a samosa, but will be heading back. Great prices, great food - and great to find that it is so nearby.

                                    Ras malai:
                                    Ras Malai Inside:
                                    Sweets Bar:
                                    Aloo Paratha:
                                    Lamb Rogan Josh:

                                    Thanks again for the rec. What sweets should I ask for next time I visit? I am not familiar at all with sweets from that area (except of course ras malai, and galub jamun) TIA

                                    1. re: BokChoi

                                      Great review BokChoi! Glad you tried Mistaan - next time try the samosies. I hope to go back there someday!