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Aug 22, 2008 10:42 PM

Susanville, CA

We will be spending the night there next Friday. Are there any decent places to eat there..or near there?!

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  1. Oh, my. The few times I've been there, Susanville really appeared to be a bit of a wasteland.

    You can get way too much mediocre food for cheap at the Black Bear Diner. Avoid Champion Steakhouse. I guess when the mess hall at the maximum-security pen is your main competition, the bar isn't set too high.

    Hopefully somebody can share a hidden gem. Not me. Good luck.

    1. The Mexican place on the main drag is decent if not great. And going there fits my rule of eating in rural California: When in doubt in a small town, go for a Mexican place that seems popular with the locals....

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      1. re: janetofreno

        Thanks. We'll go Mexican.

        BTW...we are visiting our son at one of the prisons there. We won't be able to test the mess hall food...but I'll let you know how the vending machine food is.

      2. We did find a very nice place to eat in Susanville, CA. The Sage Hen Restaurant in front of the High Country Inn on Main Street. The owner/chef grew up in France and learned to cook there. He fell in love with a woman from Susanville and ended up moving there. His name is Serge Marchale. They get their beef from 5 Dot...a great purveyor. Our beef was cooked to perfection, the lentil soup was divine, and our salads of heirloom tomatoes/fresh moz.cheese/olive oil was refreshing. Our breakfast the next morning was delicious..although they were skimpy on the perfectly cooked hash browns.

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          Hey, thanks for the tip! DH will be back in Susanville next week on business and says he'll check it out!

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            As you probably know, the 5 Dot Ranch is located just north of town. I’ve been treated to fishing in their private trout lake on several occasions. I guess the Sage Hen Restaurant is trying to feature local products, which is nice.

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              I stopped by Sage Hen on Saturday night. They had no specials but instead featured a buffet. I tried that. Wasn't the best chance for him to show his stuff. It was okay, but nothing special. Probably better than Black Bear Diner. I'd like to try it again.