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Aug 22, 2008 09:57 PM

Best breakfast eggs?

I LOVE breakfasts. It's my favorite meal. Although I'm a fan of great pancakes/waffles/potatoes, nothing differentiate a GOOD breakfast place from a GREAT breakfast place more than the perfectly cooked egg. Light yellow in color, creamy texture, right amount of seasoning.

So I'd like to throw it out there: which restaurants make the best eggs (me, I'm a sucker for plain scrambled) and what are the best egg dishes out there (and where). Have yet to find in LA. Thanks.

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  1. My favorite breakfast place in town is S & W Country Diner on Washington in downtown Culver City. I am very impressed by their cooks and the coordination with the waitresses -- the eggs come out as ordered. I also prefer scrambled, and order them soft but not wet. My companions have ordered omelettes, fried, over easy, even poached, with no complaints. Now I don't think they season them much. But their breakfast combos are a great deal -- eggs to order, a main (their homemade corned beef hash crispy is the way to go) and a side (go with someone so you can split their excellent hashbrowns ordered crispy and their pancakes -- avoid the waffles (they seem to screw up the timing of the order) and their biscuits are very weird caky squares cut from a loaf. No reservations, cash only, very popular.

    1. The "egg-in-a-whole" at the Belvedere (at the Peninsula Hotel).

      1. My favorite egg dish is the salmon benedict at Square One. Their baked egg dishes are also great.

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          Don't know how many times I've mentioned this, but first time I ordered that they were out of grits, so I reluctantly accepted their baby arugula salad instead. Now I wouldn't have it any other way. Total bliss on a plate, something interesting in every bite.

        2. The best eggs, or breakfasts in general, I've had are at the Pacific Dining Car down town. I like the eggs sardou or the creole bennedict. both have perfectly poached eggs. Big and round with large convex rounded yolks.

          1. Scrambled eggs, like the perfect tri-folded omelet, take about 30 seconds to cook, and the two processes are very similar (just "scramble" lightly, instead of folding, at the end). Placed on a very warm plate, scrambled eggs gently finish cooking on the way to the table, so you want them slightly wet coming off the stove.

            Ahh, what a dream, but it is the way I cook scrambled eggs at home. In the real world of restaurants, most of the time I have to emphasize that I want them both wet and soft, just to get properly scrambled eggs. My favorite place for high-quality, fresh eggs well-prepared in any number of styles is the Original Pancake House. I've had good eggs over-easy at the Pacific Dining Car but also burned eggs, and their scrambled eggs with herbs are sometimes so over-filled with herbs that you think you're having a salad. At PDC I stick to simple over-easy eggs and focus on the outsanding breakfast filet, very good breakfast potatoes, and excellent jams with the toast.

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              actually, any well trained chef will tell you that the trick to making eggs is "slow and low." meaning that 30 seconds is waaay too fast. And that's probably why you don't like the way they are making them in some restaurants, because when the orders come in and the tickets back up, they rush to get your order out on time. Give your cooks a little more credit, it's a tough life!