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Aug 22, 2008 09:45 PM

Mitsuwa's Hokkaido Fair is back! 9/11-914

I'm looking forward to the Croquet's, but it looks like they are having another ramen shop set up for the fair with Asahikawa Shoyu based Soup?

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  1. o gawd... i LOVE the soft cream ice cream. it's so buttery and unhealthy!

    1. Looks like the same ramen vendors that were in place at the Legendary Ramen Fair earlier this year:

      The pastries and bentou boxes look tempting.

      1. Oh wow, that curry bread looks soo good ! Thanks for the heads-up !

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        1. re: mikester

          yeah they do! where can I find curry bread to try them? anything in Little Tokyo?

        2. I'll check out the other food but the guest ramen vendor that was there earlier this year was completely underwhelming. I'd like to see another ramen place's version of tonkotsu broth.

          1. dammit, that's right as I'm leaving town!