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Aug 22, 2008 09:29 PM

Vacationing in Laguna - need help with eating recos

we will be vacationing for 5 nights in laguna beach next weekend.

any and all recommendations for the area are recommended -




casual and dressy 'ok'.

must have foods!


thanks -

(we are from nyc)

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  1. Sundried Tomato is really good. I'm not sure if they are open for lunch.

    1. Sapphire's on PCH....truffle fries!

      1. BREAKFAST:
        (1) Madison Square (casual)
        backyard garden under well-established trees, casual, counter order but better meal than some menu order places.

        (2) The Cottage (casual
        )This place is quaint, cute and a landmark. The food is standard breakfast items, unchanged for years. buckwheat pancakes, eggs benedict, steak offered
        eat inside or outside, menu order.

        (3) The Loft (at the Montage Resort) (I'd dress
        )Stunning resort with ocean views - high class and $$$, but you can wear a Hawaiian shirt of you want

        (4) Coyote Grill (Mexican) (casual)
        Great food, good service, quaint

        (5) The Cliffs (at Laguna Village) (get creative
        )Outdoor seating with heat lamps and 180 view of ocean. Very good execution of menu items with good variety.

        Include Madison Square, The Cliffs
        (1) Brussels Bistro (casual
        )Unique, excellent, fun, table close together
        (also, open until 2 am on Fri. and Sat.)

        (2) La Sirena Grill
        Started as a teeny hole-in-the-wall, counter order, that one mght not even want to walk in. Their Mexican food was so excellent and priced right, they expanded. Good walk-to location in downtown while shopping or browsing art galleries.

        (3) Zinc Cafe & Market (casual
        )Vegetarian, counter service, 5-star cheeses, bakery, excellent cafe menu

        (4) Canyon Lodge American Grill
        Beautiful setting in secluded canyon with a golf course. Old fashioned pleasures of an "old boys" club kind of decor and menu. Great simple hamburger. Nothing mind-blowing or unique, but very well executed menu.

        (5) Sundried Tomato Café
        Light and fresh as well as interesting.

        There are many recos on this board for Laguna Beach for dinner, so have fun making a decision. Maybe ask for more detail here as you do. To list just five (and there are as many more just as good) that may be exotic and something you haven't in New York

        (1) Sorrento Grill
        Get your old martini bar and some good food, too, in a classy atmosphere. (maybe have these in New York

        (2) Dizz’s As Is (casual
        )South Laguna, kind of hard to find, unique, funky, tasty, bar-like. Sometimes they miss, but not often enough to miss it.
        (maybe have to make a reservation)
        2794 S Coast Hwy
        Laguna Beach, CA 92651-3902
        Phone: (949) 494-5250

        (3) Eva's Carribean (casual)
        Also South Laguna, unique exotic Carribean, expensive, excellent
        31732 Coast Hwy
        Laguna Beach, CA 92651
        Phone: (949) 499-6311

        (4) Mozambique
        Spicy, South African recipes, steaks, indoor our outdoor seating, entertainment

        (5) Cafe Zoolu (casual
        )Funky, off the beaten path, small place, maybe make a reservation

        There are soooo soo much good dining in Laguna Beach . Take a look at the menus above. The dinners above are unique, but there are some really good new continental cuisine also in other places.

        And, if you care to drive a little north on PCH to Crystal Cove Promenade, you will find even more great places like
        Abe's Bluefin >>>>
        Modo Mio Cucina Rustica >>>

        And, hey, there is a "grocery" food store there called Trader Joe's if you want a bottle of wine for your hotel room, maybe some cheese, a snack or two or packaged salad.

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        1. re: kc girl

          I have not been to the Mermaid St. (original location) of La Sirena Grill in over a year but the Blackened Salmon Salad there was one of the best salads that I have ever had - anywhere!!! Good Horchata and other food items too and great service from the women (w/ink) who usually worked the counter after 2PM.

          Oh and the Lemon Bars at Zinc Cafe & Market make for a perfect sweet after your meal, wish I had their recipe!

        2. If you care about food, i so second Sapphire...very solid cooking.

          1. Love Love Love Tabu Grill...the rib eye steak was amazing! A very small and cozy place that I will always go back to. Flavors incredible. One of my favorites.