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Aug 22, 2008 09:10 PM

Houston: kids friendly AND good

please help! new to houston and the nieces are coming to visit! please help me with some places where the food is good and no one will mind with the 10-months old starts crying...thank you!

also new to if there's a place to find JUST houston foods...please help me too.

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  1. Hi muemue-
    Welcome to Houston! a fabulous eating town.
    You might try this link and use the tab on the left for kid-friendly. You can also search by locale or zip code and get reviews by regular folk.
    The first place that comes to mind is Lupe Tortillas on the SW Fwy at Kirby, as they even have an outdoor sand play area for kids. Others will post too, and let us know if you have any other criteria.

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    1. re: GlobalFoodie

      lupe tortilla is definitely kid friendly. in fact, i refuse to go b/c sipping margaritas with a backdrop of screaming children makes me cringe. so hate me!

      lupe is very popular for some reason (even to those w/o kids). i know a lot of people who really like the food. again, i can't get over the screaming children.

      IMO, any casual, non-trendy places should be fine for kids especially if you are out in the burbs. inside the loop, you have to be more careful as people are less tolerant. for decent casual food try amazon grill and any of the goode company or pappas (pappas seafood, pappadeaux, pappasitos) restaurants.

    2. Hi muemue,

      What part of town are you in? I have found, with my children and now my grandchildren, that chinese buffets, or just plain old chinese restaurants, are very kid friendly. The servers love the little ones, and go out of their way to make them comfortable. Also cafeterias are good. My first thought was Lupe Tortillas, as globalfoodie mentioned. Another place that has good food, is kid friendly, and enough variety that you can find something you would want is Spaghetti Warehouse. Now if you are stickler about "authentic" italian, pass on this, but if you want some good american-italian food in an atmosphere with a lot of other families, this is a great place to go. It's a casual place but not a dive.

      Of course there is Cici's Pizza, not the greatest, but not the worst either, and it is full of kids. There is another Family entertainment center named Incredible Pizza, which has lots of games, activities and a buffet with pizza, pasta, salad bar, baked potato bar, and desserts. I have not been but my daughter has and she said it is hugh and the buffet was actually pretty good. My grandkids could eat their weight in salad, so that was a real plus for them.

      Have fun!

      1. Jax Grill on S. Rice and Bissonnet in Bellaire has lots of kids as well as good mesquite grilled burgers, chicken, fajitas, and some nice salads all at very reasonable prices. The one on Shepherd is not as kid friendly, but I wouldn't hesitate to bring a ten month old.

        1. Italian Food - try Collinas (I know there is one on RIchmond and one in Rice Village...I think). Generally good italian food for adults and made to order pizzas for kids, my little brothers inhaled the pizza. I would not recommend Spaghetti Warehouse.

          Avalon Diner on Westheimer is just a really good old fashion diner that a lot of families eat at also.

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          1. re: joydreamz

            I do not think that Spaghetti Warehouse is Great food, but it is very kid friendly and has a wide variety. But the OP asked for good food, and there is some to be had at this place.

            I know this is a chain, but Red Robin is a good kid friendly place, unless the children may be freaked out by seeing a very large Red Robin walking around! There is a wide variety of food there, too.