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Best foie gras???

Hello Chowhounders,

I will be in NYC next week and I'm really in the mood for some good foie gras...where is the best place to visit?

recommendations for the best escargot are also welcome.


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  1. L'Atelier de Robuchon at the Four Seasons Hotel

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      Oh yes, many man dishs on the menu there include foie. The little burgers with the foie on top, the hen served with it and the foie dumpling soup are all really great. (Those burgers I fatasize about!)

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        That reminds me that I also really like the foie gras with soup dumplings at Annisa.

        1. re: MMRuth

          I second that Annisa dish, it's woonnnnderful

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        Second Robuchon - carmelised eel and fois gras. Falai's foie gras three ways when they have it in winter. Foies gras mousse in a bittersweet chocolate shell (one of the three ways). . . surprising, exciting and delicious!

      3. La Petite Auberge serves traditional escargots Bourguignons.


        Gascogne serves escargots in phyllo purses.


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          hmmmm i posted a reply earlier and i can't see it now...anyway, i was saying that the menu at gascogne looks fantastic...how is the atmosphere? I am not looking for something too romantic.

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            Gascogne is a small French bistro with a charming interior decor and a truly lovely back garden. Depending on whom you are dining with, it could be considered romantic. However, you will find diners of the same sex as well as the occasional solo diner who come for the delicious food and the charming atmospherics.

        2. I consistently have great Seared Foie Gras at Auerole. Every time it is perfect.

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            I agree with eve's recommendation. I was at Aureole last week, and the foie gras was superb. Generous portion and perfectly cooked. I was recently at another highly-rated restaurant, and the foie gras was overcooked--tasted like liver with none of the silken texture.

          2. I really like the terrine de foie gras at La Goulue. They used to serve escargots in egg shells with soft cooked egg, but I haven't seen it on the menu lately.

            1. Jean George's Foie Gras Brulee is fantastic.

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                foie gras brulee...as in creme brulee? fantastic! I had that here in Toronto at Tomi Kro and it was great!

              2. Casa Mono & Eleven Madison Park both have some very good fois gras dishes. As for escargot, there's a small french bistro on 33rd near 3rd ave called cosette which does excellent escargot.

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                  I second Eleven Madison Park. I am not a big foie gras person but it was part of the courses I was doing for lunch. Super. It came with some kind of candied rhubarb, and it made me a fan.

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                    Loved the foie dishes I had at eleven madison on Saturday.

                  2. I just got back from Montreal and Quebec city where I OD'ed on foie gras. I always like the foie gras ganache appetizer at Aquavit. Recently had excellent escargots at Jubilee.

                    1. I can't believe I am saying this, but the best foie dish I have ever had was at 5 Ninth. It was guinea hen with a foie gras sauce and the flavor was unbelievable. I thought the foie would way overpower the guinea hen, but it didn't. It was reallly great.

                      1. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions...we decided on La Goulue.

                        It's a quaint little restaurant...


                        we opted to sit outside, here's our view


                        The foie gras was a VERY generous portion! It was good but definitely not the best that I have had (in fact the foie gras I had at Au Pied de Cochon in Montreal two days ago was much better).


                        My friend ordered the seafood salad appetizer...apparently it was very good (I am allergic to shellfish so could not try it



                        we both opted for the steak tartare and it was FANTASTIC! I enjoyed it MUCH more than the foie gras


                        I had the strawberries with three dipping sauces (chocolate, caramle, whipped cream) for dessert


                        my friend had the upside down apple tart


                        service was ok...we were a little disappointed when we got the bill...$6 per 280ml coke! we had three of them! So the bill for two with tax and tip was $180...more than we thought it would be but such is life.

                        Would I repeat? yes for the steak tartare...no for the foie gras.


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                          Can't beat APDC. I was there 3 weeks ago.

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                            Glad you liked the tartare - sorry the foie gras disappointed! One thing I've learned over the years at Goulue is to be wary of somethings that really increase the bill - like the cost of bottled water, wines by the glass etc. - we only drink wine with our meal, so I wasn't familiar with the coke prices, but it doesn't surprise me.

                          2. Recently had a very nice seared foie gras course at Allen and Delancey, which was served with Greenmarket plums. Yum!