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Aug 22, 2008 07:50 PM

Good Prime Rib??

Does anyone know of a good place to get inexpensive prime rib on the westside? Like Marina Del Rey area? Maybe a good pub or something?? Thanks much.

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  1. Tuesday nights at the Venice Whaler they do a PR special for $13.95. This will not be mistaken for Lawry's but it's a pretty fair bargain and the location is right next to Venice Pier so you can take a walk along the Ocean front after dinner if you are so inclined. That being said I think you will be better off to go into Hinano's bar and have one of their incredible cheese burgers and a beer.

    Venice Whaler Bar & Grill
    10 Washington Blvd
    Marina del Rey 90292

    Hinano Cafe
    15 Washington Blvd
    Venice, CA 90292-5123
    (310) 822-3902

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      The Wild Goose has Prime Rib on Tuesdays. It's near LAX on Aviation. The meal is hearty, with potatoes, vegetable, roll and salad. They don't open til 11 a.m. but be aware they do have topless dancers there, and it is an adult environment. They are under $10 but I usually have someone pick it up. Go early, they often sell out by 1 p.m.

    2. You can actually get prime rib from the Lawry's family of restaurants at their casual Carvery, which has a location in the Century City shopping food court, or nearby. It is not going to be cheap, but it won't be horribly expensive and it is a lot closer than hitting the Tam O'Shanter for their sandwich bar.

      If you truly love and crave prime rib you should learn to roast a standing rib roast. Very good quality is available at Costco or when on sale at How's Markets for under $10 per pound. It just takes simple and heavy seasoning (salt, pepper, garlic), a meat thermometer, and practice. There are basically two techniques: starting briefly at high heat to start some browning and then low and slow (which is what restaurants do) or a method where you start the oven at 500, roast for a time, and then turn the oven off and just wait being sure to keep the oven door closed and sealed. (See Leftover prime rib is excellent cold for sandwiches, unfortunately it loses a lot when reheated.

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        Alton Brown is a proponent of the opposite method: start low, finish high. America's Test Kitchen seems to agree, and stated that starting low activates enzymes, mimicing dry aging.

        Anyway, I've never been, but the next time I'm craving an inexpensive prime rib, I'm going to try Billingsley's. It's on Pico, in West LA.

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          Just a reminder that discussion of recipes and cooking techniques is off-topic for the regional boards. Please keep this discussion focused on places to get prime rib in the Los Angeles area. If you want to discuss cooking prime rib, please start a new topic on the Home Cooking board.

      2. When I'm in the mood for prime rib, don't want to cook it myself and feel Tam 'o Shanter is too far, I get it at Gelson's deli in Century City.

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            I got a great and I mean great prime rib sandwich at gelson's in the Marina. served on a perfect french roll with au jus and horseradish. It made a great lunch and was about $8. Very satisfying. Think I'll go back soon.

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              It's too expensive given that you can get the exact same prime rib at Tam O Shanter in Atwater Village (they're in the same "family", i.e., chain, as is Five Crowns in Corona Del Mar.) If memory serves you must buy all the sides separately at Lawry's. At Tam O Shanter it comes with two sides (including the same creamed spinach and the same creamed corn as Lawry's), and a salad too. It's really great value andf great prime rib. It's just kinda far away if you're on the Westside. I.e., the Gelson's alternative.

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                I think it is too expensive for the OP, but I agree that's where I go for prime rib.

            2. Houston's in Manhattan Beach has consistently superb prime rib, usually bone in, it has been my local fave for years. Both Houston's and Bandera restaurants in LA/OC all serve the same succulent recipe--which for the past 9 years has been a home run for not only myself and my family, but for all the out-of-town guests that I introduce to it. Yes, the even fat is so irresistible I end up eating all of it, hoping that my cholesterol will not skyrocket the next day...