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Aug 22, 2008 07:37 PM

Prime Rib in Toronto

My Mom is turning 60 on Thursday and has requested Roast Beef. Her choices were the Keg or the Mandarin (she's used to being on a fixed budget)...anyone have any better recommendations for such a momentous occasion? She can't tolerate any spice at all; but appreciates good food. I've relocated to Ottawa; I have no idea what will fit the bill in

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  1. What is your budget?

    How about Morton's (Avenue/Bloor).. a step above the keg, and very good, but still with a touch of the "chainy" feel, huge portions, etc. Slightly cheaper than the most upscale beef places in TO.

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      If budget allows, definitely second Morton's!! Much better ambience, service and food! At best, The Keg uses Canadian Grade AA or AAA beef, however, Morton's uses Prime!. Beef is much more tender and flavourful.
      No matter what - STAY AWAY FROM THE MANDARIN!! I would suffer a heart attack if my kid takes me there on my 60th birthday!! Some of their mass produced food is unfit for Chowhounder's consumption! Dry, overcooked and ultra-bland!

    2. Her choice for the Keg is great! Why dont you listen to your mom...

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        York St. or K . Mansion should be OK.

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          Agree with jayt90 & Fat Swine...even keep the Mandarin in consideration. These are her comfort is only one factor, she probably really enjoys the overall experience of her choices. Use the money you will save by going with her choices on a more expensive birthday gift. Btw, the roast beef at the Mandarin can be quite good for the price....(and I would have no problem if my son took me to either for my 60th.)

      2. I know it's far from "upscale" but The Tulip has a really good prime rib. There are long lineups there for a reason and it's always packed.