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Aug 22, 2008 07:33 PM

Last Minute Breakfast/Brunch need (and vegetarian suggestions)

We've been in town for the last few days dropping our son off at college and he's agreed to eat one last meal with us tomorrow morning before we go home. Any suggestions for breakfast or brunch that would be fairly easy to get into Saturday morning? Nothing too fancy...

Also, he's vegetarian (not vegan, so milk, cheese and eggs are ok.) His choices will probably be slim, but any recommendations for him (besides Whole Foods) when he wants to leave campus would be appreciated! Thanks!

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  1. Refuel in the riverbend.

    1. There is also Oak St. Cafe on Oak, and Panola St. Cafe on Panola. Both are just off Carrollton Ave., as is Refuel.

      1. Surrey's Cafe. Take a streetcar ride down St. Charles, walk over to Magazine & introduce your son to the place.
        He'll love it & so will you!

        Here's the info & a map:

        1. Thanks for all of the suggestions!

          We ended up at Refuel, which was good. I was a little surprised at the size of the dining room. We learned quickly that we needed to grab a table while one of us stood in line and ordered for everyone. I noticed another group who didn't have a table when their order was ready, so the waiter had to "keep it warm" for them. Our son had the Medi, which he said was really good, and my husband ordered the Huevos Rancheros (totally different from what we're used to in Texas, but they were good.)

          I'm sure we'll be back soon and we'll try the other cafes next time. I also noticed the other post with some vegetarian options for dinner -- we'll probably try some of those, too.