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Aug 22, 2008 07:25 PM

Stocking the Freezer

The thread on what everybody cans and preserves has been great! It also got me thinking, who stocks their freeze with goodies and what? I keep several pans of stuffed shells (since it's inhaled by my family ) and fruit pie filling.

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  1. What's in mine:

    Basic tomato sauce
    tuscan tomato sauce
    sauce espagnole
    duck ragù
    three-meat ragù
    veal stock
    chicken stock
    pork stock
    light fish stock
    dark fish stock
    cooked ceci
    cooked giant white beans
    several different soups and minestre
    ready-to-bake pasta dishes of various types (lasagne, cannelloni, crespelle)
    pastry shells
    some frozen stone fruits for cooking with later in the year

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    1. re: tmso

      you must have a chest freezer - sniff... Had to leave mine with my house when I rented it out to move overseas. I can't figure out how I ever lived with just a fridge top one!
      Currently I have a bunch of store bought stuff in case I run out of food over the weekend or on a holiday. I used to "put up" chili, spaghetti sauce, mini meatloaves, berry sauce for ice cream, and I forget what else; plus Costco packs of meat divided into 2-person portions.

      1. re: Cowprintrabbit

        Oh yes, I love my chest freezer. After getting one I couldn't believe I'd lived without for so long. You can go crazy on a Sunday and spend all day cooking up a batch of sauce espagnole, a bunch of crespelle, or whatever, portion it up, freeze it -- and after doing this for a while, lunches and dinners are dead simple!

        I have to say, though, moving was hard. Not the move as much as the lead-up to it ... using up the contents, and trying to exercise enough self-discipline to not cook up replacements on the week-ends. Months later, I'm still building up a new stock. Fun, fun work.

        1. re: tmso

          we called it freezer roulette - one of us had to reach in with our eyes closed and pull something out for dinner; then choose sides either also from the freezer, or from the pantry...

          I ended up giving away 3 roasts and some appetizers when we finally moved, everything else got eaten. There were some strange mismatches at the end, though!

    2. I have Ice!
      And Freezer pops!
      and my cheese making chemicals
      that's about it now..... had a deep freezer break on me... didn't find out in time to save anything.... lost a lot of meat. :(

      1. I live alone, so I want things easily accessable for single portions.
        I have flash frozen tilapia filets, individually wrapped (Costco)
        Same with Kirkland Salmon filets
        And the same with Perdue Chicken breasts
        I buy large quanity bags of Three cheese ravioli (Kirkland), and seperate into ziplock serving sized bags.
        I buy a lb of good ground beef, and seperate into four 1/4lb patties, freeze in one large ziplock bag, leaving space in between the patties, for easy access to one at a time.
        Filet mignon
        pork tenderloin
        spaghetti sauce
        chicken stock
        pizza dough
        bread (from great sales)
        sausage and pigs feet for making spaghetti sauce
        meatballs, cooked and frozen, 12 to a bag
        Gold Star pre cooked Jumbo Shrimp (flash frozen)
        Kirkland flash frozen scallops

        1. My freezer contents vary as we eat what I've made and frozen. some typical items include:

          pulled pork
          chicken stock
          chicken verde
          homemade ice cream
          4 pounds of ground turkey
          2 -4 pounds of chicken breasts
          2 pounds italian sausage
          pounds and pounds of nuts

          1. The contents of mine vary quite a bit. About once a month I'll cook a lot and freeze so my husband has things to take to work for lunch. Currently there is veggie lasagna in individual portions, chicken quesadillas, and fajita burittos. We also have about 3 dinners worth of homemade meatballs, three 1/4 loaves of olive cheese bread(my husband and myself only eat 1/4 loaf at a time), boneless skinless chicken breasts, frozen pineapple, mangoes, peaches, strawberries, blueberries(smoothies), homemade frozen yogurt, Blue Bell Rocky Road(husbands fave), frozen peas(great for quick curries), and frozen corn.

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            1. re: ArikaDawn

              You all have a great stash! Mine is full of various nuts (pecans from my grandparent's tree, macadamias, walnuts, pistachios, cashews), various types of chocolate chips (white, semi-sweet, peanutbutter, butterscotch, etc.) for those cookie emergencies, homemade whole-wheat sourdough bread dough, various cuts of buffalo and venison, and a couple of bottles of nice vodka.