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Aug 22, 2008 07:24 PM

Stocking the Freezer


The thread on what everybody cans and preserves has been great! It also got me thinking, who stocks their freeze with goodies and what? I keep several pans of stuffed shells (since it's inhaled by my family ) and fruit pie filling.

  1. My freezer(s) hold:

    CSA meat in a separate bin
    pesto created when the garden is producing
    lasagne (always make an extra to freeze)
    chicken bones and carcasses
    hamburgers created from the HUGE costco packs
    1 or 2 bags of lamb chops (also from costco)
    nuts picked during peak season
    special order sausage from Vermont
    cod fillets
    1 or 2 chicken pot pies
    1 container of pot roast (have to freeze half)
    home made chicken stock
    2 boxes puff pastry
    containers of wild blueberries
    italian sweet and hot sausages
    home made dumplings ( packed by serving)
    4 boxes frozen spinach
    1 box phyllo sheets
    ice cream (not home made)
    lime juice cubes (buy when cheap, juice, freeze)
    bag of mint
    bag of thyme
    bag of rosemary
    numerous bags of frozen, already overnight soaked beans
    bags of petite peas
    unsalted butter
    pine nuts
    cheese starter
    2 chicken pot pies (for my dad)
    cheese ( swiss and cheddar, buy in bulk and freeze half)
    roasted tomato sauce (made when garden is in full production)
    almonds ( sent from a friend in CA from their farm)
    various meat bits (lamb, pork)
    1 bag of corn (why? can't tell you)
    hamburger buns

    Sounds like I need to clean out my freezer!

    1. oh, and always have boneless chicken breasts that I buy from a local farm.

      1. Homemade tomato sauce
        fresh frozen bell peppers
        chicken - boneless skinless breasts
        hamburger- pre-made burgers and 1 lb packs ready to make something
        ice cream (breyers or brighams)
        bread (especially in the summer)
        bag of chopped onions
        chicken stock - about 3 quarts
        frozen sausages - italian and breakfast type
        ellios pizza (for the resident teenager)

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