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Aug 22, 2008 06:29 PM

South Sea Seafood Village - Dim sum or...?

Sunday morning, a large-ish group of us (8-10) are heading over to South Sea Seafood Village (1420 Irving) for dim sum.

I know the main dim sum places are elsewhere, but this seems to have some good reports on it (and I didn't get to choose the location), so I'm interested in hearing any specific recommendations.

I checked out their website and looks like a number of interesting dishes on the menu, though I am not sure if they will be available that early on a Sunday morning. Given the size of the group, I think we can order (and eat) a good-sized assortment of dishes, and SOME of us are adventurous, so interesting options would be appreciated.

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  1. Just had dim sum there -- loved the pork/egg jook, bbq pork rice noodle rolls, shrimp dumplings, bean curd rolls, sticky rice, s&p fish, pea sprouts. Lots of noodle dishes walking by looking good, but we didn't have any. Weak: the duck - too fatty; weekday special of oyster in bb sauce was overcooked this time.. Nice room, nice folks, attentive service. They have lots of big tables for your group size.

    1. I love the seafood pan-fried noodle there -- I also like the won tons in spicy sauce that they sometimes have as a special. Their steamed dim sum are very good and I really like their sticky rice in lotus leaf, the turnip cake, and their chicken feet in black bean sauce. I also like the pan-fried shrimp in bean curd skin and the shrimp rice noodle roll.