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Aug 22, 2008 05:06 PM

Near Disney Concert Hall

I am seeing a performance on Sunday at 2:00 in the afternoon at Disney Concert Hall - any ideas for a pre or post meal? i do not want Asian or Mexican but otherwise fairly open.

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  1. Did you do a search? I'd say Water Grill or Roy's. Patina has the most convenient location but you pay $$$ for proximity for mediocre food & service.

    1. downtown = ghost town on Sunday afternoon …
      I think the cafe in the Disney Concert Hall, however, is open 7 days.
      Oh, also The Restaurant at The Standard is open 24-7; good for brunch/lunch.

      1. Go whereever you go after, not before, the performance. Downtown options right now until the Music Center and Disney Hall get back into full swing after Labor Day are fairly slight. Plan on dining in like Silver Lake, Echo Park, or similar proximate areas.
        If your trip back home or whereever you are staying is a fairly long journey, then eat when you get back in your area. This time of year mid-Sunday is not a great option.

        1. this is a little late, but for next time, cafe pinot and cicada are both nice post-disney-hall options and are both open sunday.