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Aug 22, 2008 04:40 PM

Best tables at Bix?

I'm talking my honey to Bix for dinner on Saturday night, to celebrate some recent achievements in his career... First time for both of us and I'm just wondering if sitting upstairs or downstairs is better - or is there no difference? Hoping for a romantic, yet still lively, location - by which I mean, I'd kind of rather be in the thick of things than off in a secluded corner... Thanks!

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  1. I recommend the balcony upstairs if it's a romantic dinner and if you're going to be there on a Saturday night. The downstairs is very lively, and can has a heavy bar scene (i.e. loud drinking people). It's really a matter of preference, but when you sit downstairs, the combination of the band and bar can really take over the atmosphere. Upstairs you can feel all of the energy of the place without it being so in-your-face.

    1. Totally concur with Shane. If romance is what you are looking for, then you want to be upstairs. Yes, downstairs is lively, but I think it gets too loud. You will still get the vibe with the live music and be able to see everything that is going on and feel apart of it that way. Also, ask if Doug will be working that night -- he is magical and make sure to order the table side Tartare!

      ETA - because of the crowd downstairs, sometimes there is no room for the waiters to do tableside service which is so special; I have had the tartare come pre-prepared when I eat downstairs due to it being more crowded.

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        Thank you both for the 4-1-1... Looks like I'll try for an upstairs table...