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Aug 22, 2008 04:15 PM

Gack! Mooncakes!

Just received 3 boxes of mooncakes ... all kinds, with and without salted egg yolks, sweet (mung beans, pineapple, lotus seeds etc.), savory, as well as some fruity new-age ones.

Any ideas of what to do with these things?

Because eating them is not an option. I've always likened mooncakes to fruitcake, except for the fact that between the two, I would actually eat a slice of fruitcake before partaking in even a sliver of mooncake.

So, what to do?

I don't play hockey. So no need for edible pucks.

I store everything digitally. So need for edible paperweights.

I don't own any guns. So need for edible skeets.

Maybe as ... pie weights?

Maybe I can cut them up and stir-fry them?

Maybe mash them up and use as pie crust?

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  1. Send 'em to me. I love 'em...and fruitcake too, for that matter.

    Instead of using them as pie crust after you mash them, why not try just eating them mashed? Once you've broken their will, maybe you'll find them more appealing.

    1. Wow, *three* boxes? Someone must either really love you or really hate you!

      But you live someplace with a significant Chinese or Asian population? If so, is there a senior center or community center that caters to those communities?

      Or do you have any relatives who like mooncakes? Re-gifting is *so* Chinese.

      Me, I personally like only the lotus seed ones, if there are enough of those to split between tatamagouche and me.

      1. I'll take the winter melon ones! I adore that freaky texture of the filling, as it reminds me of candied angelica, which I also love. (and yes, I eat fruitcake, and enjoy a good homemade one especially.)

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        1. re: amyzan

          Donate them to a food pantry, Asian or not. More and more people are having to utilize them, and it may be a GREAT treat for someone.

          1. re: Whosyerkitty

            Not too many non Chinese even know what they are. Donating to a food pantry would be a waste.

        2. no kidding someone loves you, those can be pricey! ditto on the lotus seed, have you got double yolk?

          1. Did you see the Andrew Zimmern episode in NYC? He met an old friend and the friend's SO: Japanese American guy and Chinese American woman. Zimmern and the Bhudda Head start by buying and eating mooncakes. The woman hates 'em, associates them with Chinese New Year obligatory eats.

            Anyway, you have to break them down for re-cycling. Any savory mung paste (and a bit of the sweet) go into a soup. Add some spring onions, milk and savory ingredients for cream of mung soup. The eggs could go in as well. The sweet mung paste has to go into a curry. Take the dough and toast it and then grind. Use later as thickener.

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            1. re: Sam Fujisaka

              Mooncakes are not eaten for Chinese new year. This woman is way too far removed from the old country.

              1. re: PeterL

                Apologies, probably my fault. I'm a Bhudda Head too and probably got it wrong. She didn't like them because they are obligatory eats at some time of the year (??).

                1. re: Sam Fujisaka

                  Harvest Moon or Mid-Autumn Festival. I believe the egg yolk is supposed to resemble the full moon.

                  I prefer the the non-egg ones myself, both for taste and health reasons, but I enjoy them all. The sweet-and-salt contrast of the egg ones does take a little getting used to though.