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Aug 22, 2008 03:36 PM

New to Knoxville- Shopping Tips?

Hey All, I've been lurking, and I know there's a few Knoxvillians around here, so I was hoping for some input on the best places to shop for food here. I've read through all the great threads on local restaurants and I'm slowly but surely checking them all out.

I've been lucky enough to arrive at peak summer produce season, so those Grainger County tomatoes have already won my heart. And a special thanks to 'Shallots' for mentioning Ritter Farms in a past post, we went there today and it was awesome! I'm also planning on going to the Market Square Farmer's Market tomorrow for the first time. But what to do in the off season, or for everyday shopping? I know some of the grocery stores have to be better than others. I live in the North Hills neighborhood (dangerously close to Fellini Kroger). I'd love to know where to go to get nice freshly baked breads and maybe some unusual cheeses and stuff.

Also, is anyone familiar with the food co-op on Broadway? It's pretty close to the house, and I've been meaning to go and check it out. Thanks to anyone who can help me out!

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  1. I like the Fresh Market.There is one in on each end of town.

    1. I'm your neighbor over in Fountain City. Please come to Rita's Bakery on Tazewell Pike, just off Broadway and just North of the intersection of Broadway and I640. Terrific people and delicious cakes, gingerbread people, thumbprint cookies. I've never had anything bad from Rita's. Just up at the corner from Rita's is Pratts, which is a long time family owned market, with all sorts of seasonal fruits and veggies, lovely bedding plants from pansies in the spring to mums in the fall. (This is a secret-don't tell anyone-but the Wrights Fried Pies are delectable and they aren't fried but baked in pizza ovens). I like Hogan's Breads which are available at Fresh Market and at Hogan's on Kingston Pike at Bearden Hill. Hogan's is a sandwhich shop, bakery with all sorts of delights. Really great bread is not available in Knoxville. Definitely try the food co-op. Pratts has Sweetwater cheese which is made at Sweetwater Valley Farms which is just south of Knoxville on I75. Welcome to Knoxville and Happy Eating

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        hey thanks for the tips! I'll definitely try them. How about Litton's up in Fountain City? I hear they have the best burgers and red velvet cake in town.

        1. re: amyamylynn

          I'm glad you got to Ritters (and to see the beauty of our county.) Does Ritters still do lunch? I haven't been up this year, I'm waiting for cooler weather do do canning.
          Another interesting areas is US 411 from Maryville south. There are a number of butchers near Madisonville who do pork: hams and bacon. I haven't gotten down there, but there is supposed to be one that does it Virginia Piedmont style which is my preferred ham style.

          This is a rough summer to taste the best of East TN. Most of us are so dry that crops aren't what they are hoped to be.
          Now as to growing your own over winter....most folks have greens patches out back, just for freshness.

          1. re: shallots

            Heck yeah, they still do lunch, five bucks for meat and three plus fresh salsa and chips and banana puddin'! Everything was delicious but I was a little heartbroken that they were out of fried okra. Everyone was really friendly too. If this is a bad summer for the crops, I can't wait to experience a great one.

          2. re: amyamylynn

            How could I forget Litton's. Their burgers are the best. They make their own buns. The cake is about $6 per slice. But slices are huge- red velvet, Italian cream, strawberry. They also do cheesecakes, brownies and cookies the size of a small dinner plate. Go early for lunch or dinner as it is always busy any day of the week. Closed on Sundays.

            1. re: LGD

              And Litton's now is a bit more 'market' like. From my last visit about a month ago, they have their meats for sale. (And they do grind their own meat and it's one of the few places where you can specify hamburger other than well done.)