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finally made it to tomi-kro..so many restaurants to try, so little time. LOL.

wow..were we every impressed.
To begin with...the service was incredible. She was knowledgable, friendly,
attentive and clearly knew the dishes!!

As for the food...I chose, the creme brule foie gras (based on a chowhound recommnedation) and the seafood hot pot (based on the waitress's recommendation).
I was in heaven...the presentation was spectacular, the flavors, the textures..everything
was perfect!! I was completely impressed..coz I love when someone knows what they are doing in the kitchen.

My friend had the edamame beans (ok..in my humble opinion). and she had the gravalax.
I did not have the chance to taste the gravalax however I did manage to taste a "side" that was on the plate...a sliced cucumber that was topped with the most divine mixture of sesame oil, chopped scallions, ginger, garlic...and someother spices im sure.
OH MY..I could have had that on bread, on pasta, on more bread..lol.

When I asked for a take out container (for the foie gras that I couldnt eat)...I opened it up, to find a banana leaf on the bottom, with 4 more crisps, the container of foie gras, and two more containers of the other condiments (a chutney and an pink-onion mixture).
I was once again, impressed with the effort.

So..my fellow chowhounds, check out this restaurant!!

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  1. How is it possible to *not* eat all the foie gras?

    Thanks for the review, though. :)