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Aug 22, 2008 03:06 PM

Brunch this Sunday Westside -- Joe's?

Two valued family friends are staying in Century City and want to join me for lunch this Sunday. They want something fairly traditional and definitely L.A. -- nixed me when I suggested fantastic dim sum. Unfortunately Spago doesn't offer Sunday brunch -- they'd like the atmosphere and star factor.

I'm thinking Joe's. I made a tentative reservation and requested the patio. (They don't permit smoking out there, do they?) I've read the positive reviews here and their online menu looks fine (at those prices I'll even grab the check). It is a bit of a drive from Century City but it should be an easy shot around noon on Sunday or I could grab the freeway at Overland.

I think I have it nailed but I'm open to other suggestions. I've met my dad at the Peninsula years ago and the uber-expensive hotels don't do it for me, so the Bel Air or seaside places don't appeal. I love the main room at Campanile but they aren't open. Jar takes us in the wrong direction, isn't outside, and I think is more expensive. Cafe Del Rey is further and more pricey. I thought of Anisette but aside from the pastries their brunch food has mixed reviews. (Though maybe I'll stop and Amandine beforehand and pick up some croissant and other goodies to feed them during the drive.)

This couple is in their seventies. Sushi, scene, noise, and drinks are not the point. A view or the water or an even more impressive garden (Michael's?) would be nice but I certainly don't need a tourist scene like The Lobster, I don't want to drive up or down the coast, and those of you who recognize my moniker know my favorite breakfast place is S & W. (Culver City???)

Any other ideas or reassurances are welcome and eagerly awaited.

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  1. One good and close choice would be Chaya Brasserie:

    Also Literati 2 on Wilshire is a possibility. What about Sunday brunch at the Getty?

    1. I like Joe's for brunch and lunch, more than for dinner actually. The suggestion for the Getty is also a good. The food is very good, and the view is spectacular.

      1. Love brunch at Joe's. We went for Mother's Day brunch a couple years ago:


        Also, what about the restaurant at Shutters?

        1. Less expensive, but a definite so cal vibe: Omelette Parlor on Main street. Nice outside too, Rose Cafe, Hals if fun too!

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            i disagree with the omlette parlor recommendation.

          2. Thanks for the suggestions so far. I knew that many 'hounds have had good experiences at Joe's for brunch. I'm still concerned whether they permit smoking on their patio (hope not) and wonder whether they offer more than the six or eight choices on the online menu. Is Hal's as nice?

            I'd love to try The Restaurant at the Getty, but I worry that the parking structure, the tram, and the walk might be a bit much. The view and the grounds are indeed spectacular, so I'll have to ask if they've ever been. One problem -- I can't find an online menu anywhere. Does anyone have an idea of specialties and prices?

            I'm not a fan of Literati 2 -- every time I've been there I feel overcharged, their patio is too cramped and close to traffic, and I always wish I were at Nook (which is closed on Sunday). I like Rose Cafe, but it is a little hippie-dippy for this couple and I don't remember them taking reservations. Shutters and the other beach hotels are indeed gorgeous but the food is usually not the point and quite expensive, not to mention the parking.

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              nosh, have you been to Chaya Brasserie for brunch before? I think for a "mature" ladies lunch it would be an excellent fit.