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Aug 22, 2008 02:58 PM

Otro Mundo Nut Brown Ale in US?

Hey everyone,

I just spent eight months in Argentina where I fell in love with Otro Mundo beer. I brought a few home and just drank the last one and now I am thirsting for it. Does anyone know if it is imported at all into the US or if it is possible to buy online in the US? I am located in Los Angeles so if it can be found at a restaurant/bar here I would be happy but I would love to buy a bunch of it in a store or online. I am specifically asking about the Nut Brown variety . . . the Strong red and Golden Ales are okay . . . but the Nut Brown is out of this world. Please let me know if anyone has any leads on this. Thanks!

P.S. If it can be found in New York, that information would be helpful as well.

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  1. Okay, posted this almost six months ago, but had to revive it since I just got a craving. I hear there is a bar or two serving Otro Mundo in New York, but any west coast hits?

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    1. I would like to second this post... I would love to get some Otro Mundo, I was a fan of their buttery golden ale, but can't seem to find it in the US. I live in NY and any info would be much appreciated!

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        There are 3 NY state distributors listed on the importer's website (linked to above) http://stkillian.com/?q=distributors One upstate in Syracuse -T. J. Sheehan- covering the western part of the state , Tri-Valley (much of the northeast NY) and one in Brooklyn, Union. They are part of the "Great Brewers" distributors and that website is a good source for locating retailers who carry their beers. (Altho', after a recent change, the site is much more annoying to use- one has to "join" the site, etc.) http://greatbrewers.com/

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          If you like buttery ale, look towards Shipyard.

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            I am currently in CA but will be in NY(C) in August and would love to track some down. Let me know if you have any luck through the distributors' site. I tried contacting the importers a few months ago with no luck.

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              Just bought a couple bottles of the golden ale by the ferry here in SI... very impressed. Drank it while munching on a spicy dosa... lovely.

          2. Hello. I know of a few places that have the golden and red in the NYC area. Cafe Argentino (Brooklyn), Beso (Staten Island), Industria Argentina, Tintol (but heard this is closed?), La Fonda Del Sol and Half Time Beverage (Poughkeepsie). Haven't seen the Nut Brown anywhere! Good luck!

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              Does anyone know where I might find any Otro Mundo (especially the Strong Red Ale) in Philadelphia?