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Aug 22, 2008 02:49 PM

Hoagies & Wings - WTF?

Wandering around and wondering what I wanted for lunch today, I noticed a fairly new (to me, anyways) place on Broadway & 3rd called "Hoagies & Wings." I'll get a hoagie, I thought. Well, I went in, but they don't actually serve hoagies! Wha? Well, technically I suppose they do, but they only have two kinds of hoagies: steak & chicken. They don't have any cold cuts. What they really have is a cheesesteak, served hoagie-style (meaning, with lettuce & tomatoes). I should have left right then, since apparently they don't really know what they're serving. But no, stupid me decided to go for a cheesesteak. Now, I don't like my cheesesteaks hoagie-style, so I ordered mine without the lettuce, tomato, or mayo (mayo on a cheesesteak? GROSS!)

I got back to the office, and opened up my sandwich - chock full of lettuce, tomato & mayo. Seven bucks, straight into the trash. Never again.

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  1. Should have called them and had them deliver a new one, they do deliver if I remember correctly.

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    1. re: Burger Boy

      I called to complain, but didn't think to demand a new sandwich. But by that time, it was already 2:30, and it was too late (for me) to wait another 30 minutes or so to eat lunch. And I'd be hesitant to eat whatever it is they might serve me at that point.

      1. re: Jack Flash

        FWIW, they messed up our Super Bowl order (~100 wings). They were really apologetic when we called, told us to hold onto the wings (which were the wrong flavor but, it being a super bowl party, no one minded having extras), and pretty quickly delivered 100+ of the right kind + some fries gratis. So while they do tend to mess up orders, they're pretty cool about setting things straight if you ask.

    2. Is this Broadway and 3rd in Santa Monica like the south end of the Promenade? Hoagies & Wings has been expanding -- they took over the Markie D's space on Washington east of Sepulveda a year or so back, and now this. I think they opened another place south on La Cienega too. My experience was soon after they originally opened, in a shack on Venice (or was it Pico?) near Hauser -- very friendly, eager to please. But yes, even then their "cheesesteak" included lettuce and tomato and it seemed their main ambition was to get their delivery for wings in multiple flavors going strong.

      Real cheesesteaks on the westside: Clearly superior these days is Big Mike's -- I've been to the location on Main Street in El Segundo. In Westwood it is Philly West, the divy bar on the east side of Westwood Blvd. just south of Santa Monica Blvd., which is very good (better with double meat) though I think their burger is better. Avoid Great Western on Lincoln near Rose (awful burnt horrible) and get the combo only at South Street only if you already have a parking space in Westwood Village and need something before dessert at Diddy Riese. Has anyone tried the cheesesteak at The Shack?

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        Downtown Los Angeles, not Santa Moncia. Sorry, I forgot that there's more than one Broadway & 3rd in SoCal!

      2. I went to the Culver City one awhile back, got some wings for take out--waited a long time and then finally, after the guy was finished watching his tv show on their tv, he decided he might fry up some wings for me. The wings were fine, not remarkable, but not bad.

        1. Yes, WTF indeed. Where to begin? Having grown up 1) in L.A. and 2) not eating mayo, I would never order a sandwich I couldn't watch being made in front of me. It's just too difficult for people to understand that someone wouldn't want mayo etc. on a sandwich.

          Second, in this town, if you want a decent deli sandwich, you have to go to a decent deli (I'm including hoagie in this equation). By decent I mean run by Italian-Americans.

          When I'm on the east coast, I always ask for my hot sandwiches w/o mayo and they look at me like I'm the crazy one - who puts mayo on a meatball sub? they ask. Lots of people sir, lots of people do. In L.A.

          Finally, 'hoagies & wings' - how about just sticking to one thing, like, I dunno, wings. I've actually had one of their ads from the LA Weekly's 'special advertising section' on my wall for about a year. It's a hoot - esp. the last line, which reads (and I'm quoting directly): "Insider tip: definitely try the hoagie and wing combo".

          Next time, maybe try the new Ralphs downtown instead??

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          1. re: cant talk...eating

            I definitely identify. You are ordering and don't want to slow things down or look like a nimrod (who expects a deli to automatically put mayo on a corned beef/pastrami/brisket/roast beef/even a meatball sandwich?) but if you don't ask or specify, there it will be when you unwrap it. I recall the first time I ordered the lauded cheeseburger at Houston's -- I was with other people and carefully examined the menu, but when it arrived there was a completely unannounced and unwanted shmear of mustard on the bottom bun. And here in SoCal, don't get me started about superfluous avocado appearing unexpectedly and ubiquitously.

            1. re: nosh

              The most annoying part is that I was the only customer in the joint at the time, and the person who took my order ("no lettuce, no tomato, no mayo...just meat, cheese and onions" was how I said it) was responsible for making it. I mean, it wasn't even a situation where the message didn't get relayed to the cook.