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Aug 22, 2008 02:16 PM

Need Help -- Dinner for 8, plus baby, in West LA

Need some help here. Family is coming to town and they want a nice, but casual place to have dinner. Need a place where they can wear casual clothes (not shorts, but jeans/very casual pants/tops and sneakers) and where an infant isn't going to be a problem (we will be going early -- like 6 p.m.). They wanted to go to Houston's or Bandera, but neither of those places can accommodate a party that large at one table (we need one table). To complicate matters, a couple in the group are very picky eaters. Only really eat "American" style food (they do eat fish) and Italian, so no Mexican, Japanese, Indian, Persian, etc.


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  1. You could maybe try for the communal table at Nook.

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      I was also going to suggest the communal table at Nook, though I don't know if they will reserve it. They open for dinner at 5 M-Sa -- maybe you could go early and be sure to get it. Casual but excellent food, fantastic value, good comfort food (mac'n'cheese). Check out their menu at

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        We were at The Nook Wednesday night and there was a party of 10 that had reserved the communal table. The hostess put two other people at the communal table since it seats 12 and nobody seemed to mind, but they clearly do reserve that table. Now, as to how easy it is to seat a baby at a table that high - that is another story.

    2. Daily Grill always works, and is where I'd think of first is I were in your shoes. We've done 7 with a baby, I assume you could fit 9.

      If you wanted something less generic, another one that comes to mind is Sawtelle Kitchen--which may technically be Japanese but has lots of things like spaghetti and meatloaf to satisfy your picky eaters--but I am not sure if they can do 9 at one table.

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        Try 26 Beach in Venice, sounds like they would be perfect, call and make a reservation.

        26 Beach
        3100 Washington Blvd., Venice, CA 90292

      2. 17th St. Cafe on Montana just west of 17th on the south side of the street. Very baby friendly, very casual (wear shorts if you want) and plenty of healthy American options with big portions to undo the healthy options. ;-D

        add: here is a link to City Search that includes a menu with prices