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Aug 22, 2008 02:14 PM

Healthy Muffins?

I'm eying a few ripe bananas- my banana bread recipe isn't too bad- just a little oil, but it still has a good amount of sugar and white flour. Also have some beautiful blueberries- anyone have a muffin recipe that's not full of calories? Maybe with some amount of whole-wheat flour? And I'm not crazy about artificial sweeteners. Maybe we should just eat the fruit plain! Thanks-

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  1. There's a quick, easy blueberry oat bran muffin recipe with only 1/4 c brown sugar. It's supposed to help lower cholesterol. I'm gluten-free and vegan so haven't tried it, but a client has and likes them. It says one can substitute other fruit.
    The client I work with has just used regular lowfat milk.

    Another thing to do with ripe bananas is to break them into chunks and freeze them to use in smoothies. We use frozen bananas, other frozen fruit (blueberries, cherries, blackberries, mango, raspberries, or strawberries) and oj in our smoothies.

    1. There are plenty of muffin/quick bread recipes that use whole wheat flour and other grains. Also the amount of sugar is not critical for texture or consistency, so the limit on how low you can go is your own preferences. The 'healthiest' version that I make uses 1/2 white whole wheat flour, and 1/2 a mix of other things like ground nuts, oat flour, oat or wheat bran, etc. Also I like to cut the sugar in half (compared to the cookbook recipe). But you also need realistic expectations. I like a heavy, moist muffin, not a sweet cake like one.

      As long as the consistency of the batter ends up about the same as what you are used to, the muffins should be fine.

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        I love this recipe from the back of Bob's red mill flax seed meal:
        I make a few changes and was actually searching the boards for an answer to a question regarding a substitution in this very recipe. One of my changes is now in this revised version which is ww pastry flour. I also use soy milk and mix wheat germ and the wheat bran about 50/50. Throw in what ever berries you have. I have used blueberries, and they were great. otherwise a really hearty muffin. do not over mix, I use an ice cream scooper to portion into tins.
        My question is can i use blackstrap molasses instead of part or all of the brown sugar?

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          I use molasses (dark unsulphered) plus white sugar in place of brown. Basically the molasses is a flavoring. It is also a liquid, but in quantities on the order of quarter cup or less it shouldn't make much difference.

          Molasses goes well with spices like ginger. But sometimes, for a change in taste, I'll omit it, and let other flavors dominate.

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            Here are two that I love. They freeze (individually wrapped in plastic) wonderfully. The Bob's site is loaded with recipes.



      2. thanks for these ideas- they all sound good- I'll give them a try!