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Aug 22, 2008 02:09 PM

Slow Cooker Recomendation

With fall approaching, it is time to think about slow cooker meals for busy evenings. I have a Rival slow cooker, but I don't like it because it cooks everything way too fast. Looking for recommendations for a moderately prices slow cooker.


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  1. I had the same problem with a Rival slow cooker that I bought several years ago. After a scary incident with burn spots on the metal housing, I ditched it. After researching all the available alternatives for what I wanted I ended up with a 6 qt. oval Hamilton Beach slow cooker. As I recall, I looked at the wattage of all of them and picked the lowest one. It cooks well, a bit higher heat than I prefer, but way better than the Rival one and way better than those that my friends have.

    My brother (silly boy) sprung for the uber-expensive All-Clad slow cooker. It doesn't cook any better than mine as far as I can tell. It is prettier though, if that's important.

    1. All Clad from Wms. Sonoma.
      Can't be beat in looks and slow cooking.

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      1. re: janzy

        I am on the fence about spending the extra $$ for this. Looks are one thing- what does the AlL Clad have that the others don't?
        One thing that I have been looking is a slow cooker where the idet can be removed and used on the stove to brown the meat before putting in the main unit. Any of them do this?

      2. I recently replaced a 4 quart Target unit with the Hamilton Beach 3 in 1 slow cooker. It works pretty well, and the option of using a 2, 4 or 6 quart insert is nice.

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        1. re: MillCreek

          Does the 6 qt crock seem to heat evenly? I'm looking at getting that one and my main worry has been that it will burn whatever's at the bottom.

          (Sorry for the vague threadjacking).

          1. re: masteraleph

            We have been pleased so far, and have not noticed any burning on the bottom of any of the crocks.

            1. re: MillCreek

              Excellent, that's just what we wanted to hear. We're registering at BB&B, and basically need a manually set slow cooker, of which they have very few (we'll be using it for cholent, a stew that's cooked at the very least overnight- but it's also one where we might want to set it friday morning to eat saturday lunch, and the electronically controlled ones all have auto-shutoffs). Glad to hear that it works well.

            2. re: masteraleph

              I have a 6 quart Hamilton Beach slow cooker (not the 3 in 1 type) and it heats very evenly. It still cooks at a slightly higher temperature than the old-style Rival pots that were so great, but it's way better and more even than the current line-up of Rival cookers.

              Here's one similar to mine (though it's not quite as ugly, lol) and as you can see, it's a very basic model.


          2. I have the Cuisinart which looks good and cooks well. The All Clad seems great, but is certainly not a moderately priced slow cooker as you have asked for. Probably the most expensive brand out there.